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A lot of our patients have requested information as to what we are using to disinfect and otherwise personally stay healthy. After much research I decided that a product containing accelerated hydrogen peroxide, or AHP, is a breakthrough in infection prevention for the healthcare environment. AHP is a patented formula containing hydrogen peroxide that has been accelerated to dramatically increase its germicidal potency and enhance cleaning performance. There is no residue since AHP biodegrades to just oxygen and water; not chlorine or other toxic chemicals.

AHP is highly efficient in the presence of soil, inorganic and organic matter and bodily fluids. I settled on a product from Diversey Care called Oxivir Tb. This is a registered one step hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner that is effective against gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria, fungi and blood-borne pathogens. It is effective especially against encapsulated and non-encapsulated viruses. The current Covid-19 virus falls in this category. It works fast, some studies indicate 30 second kill. It is safe to spray on almost any surface and once dry, the bugs are gone. The best place I have found to obtain this product is from eBay as it is not manufactured in the United States. Although I think any product with AHP would be effective. It may be easier to find something called Rescue which is an AHP based veterinary product which has the same kill menu and a little better deodorizing. No matter what, try to find something with AHP. It works and it’s safe.
Additionally, our staff has been provided with nebulizers. This is a small personal breathing device that you fill with 1% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Upon inhalation, it kills viruses and bacteria in the upper respiratory tract, sinuses and nasal passages.

Again, if you go on Amazon, the one I provided for my staff is a MESH brand item for about $35, but there are dozens available. I would use food grade peroxide which has no additives and is pure. Although I have read that over-the-counter peroxide is safe, I prefer the pure item. You can buy a 12% food grade peroxide, dilute it 11 parts distilled water to one part peroxide and you will have created a 1% solution. For more detailed information go to Mercola.com and just type in: ”breathing peroxide”.
Interesting to note that during World World War I and before the advent of antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide was incredibly effective in treating pneumonia and other lung infections. Of course, peroxide can’t be patented so there’s no money to be made and consequently it fell out of use once the drug companies got involved.

Remember, the best thing you can do is pamper your immune system. Those with robust immune systems avoid the illnesses caused by most viruses and bacteria. I think vitamin D3 should be used by most people, after having their levels tested, as it directly enhances the immune system. In England, frontline medical workers have been provided with this hormone along with zinc and vitamin C. The antioxidants Alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, and natural vitamin E, along with selenium are also wonderful immune enhancers.

As a firm believer in mind-body health, I am convinced if you’re watching a steady diet of news, the fear provoked will not help you remain healthy. Fear debilitates our immune system. Doom, gloom and fear are the top product for sale on the coverage of this infection, along with spin and often misinformation along the way, adding to the anxiety response. However, some optimistic news: the CDC’s most recent “realistic estimate” on the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) puts the infection survival rate at 99.74%. “New estimate by CDC reduces COVID-19 death rate to just 0.26% (IFR),” https://in.dental-tribune.com/news/new-estimate-by-the-cdc-brings-down-the-covid-19-death-rate-to-just-0-26-as-against-whos-3-4/

We all are living in concert with viruses of every flavor, every day and most of us are not sick. Despite that reassuring fact, the death of a loved one or friend is not a statistic; it is a very painful reality. As John Donne wrote “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am a part of mankind.” We are here to answer any questions you might have about our COVID protocols and regulations. We look forward to serving you with excellent dental care during and after this trying time.

Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito, D.D.S. – Sunshine Dentistry AZ – 520-761-1600

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