Tooth Truth Tidbits


  • Teeth function like rebar in concrete, reinforcing your jaw-bone. Losing a single tooth results in a 40% to 60% loss of this bone. The lower jaw, otherwise known as the mandible, is a horseshoe shaped bone with a dual hinges. Located slightly in front of your ears, one can sometimes hear the clicking and popping of a damaged joint when chewing or yawning. It’s the only bone in the body with 2 joints. Consequently, if it’s not closing symmetrically due to the loss of teeth or an uneven bite, problems can occur. This is known as TMD or tempro?mandibular joint dysfunction, commonly called TMJ.
  • Teeth can actually knock each other out. When teeth are missing, those teeth remaining now have to carry twice the load for which they were originally designed. Often the load’s just too great. They’ll split, chip, cave in, and start to wobble…and the stronger teeth will literally destroy the weaker…like mini wrecking?balls,
  • Question: Do we really need teeth? They can be such a problem. After all, you could toss your rib?eye into a high powered blender and drink it. Actually we absorb over 80% of blended foods (the blender does the chewing for us); but only 30% is absorbed when chewed. Meat sounds disgusting, but veggies and fruit do well when blended.
  • Fact: when an animal loses its teeth….. It’s getting ready to die.
    Imagine if we all stopped brushing our teeth: face to face arguments would be greatly reduced, the birth rate would plummet, and Procter and Gamble’s stock would crash….all world altering events.
  • What about baby teeth? Very, very important! They guide the permanent teeth into their proper positions. They help develop facial growth and as is the case with my grandson they can be used to bite small sisters.
  • Chewing is the first step in digestion. And fast food requires fast chewing. This equals bad digestion. Gastroenterologists often postpone GI surgery until the patient has missing teeth replaced. Of course, they could just prescribe blenders… I wonder if insurance would pay?
  • Allergy season is upon us. The worst I’ve ever seen! Pressure builds up within the inflamed sinus. Since the roots of upper bicuspids and molars are commonly located within the maxillary sinus, infections there often produce toothaches. Swollen sinuses can mouse your eyes shut, give you a dull to incredible headache, and lingering, nagging toothaches. Treat the sinus infection and the toothache disappears.

School’s over for the summer as evidenced by terminally? happy teachers, liberated ex? seniors and proud moms and dads. Human nature being what it is, children rarely listen to parents …(what do they know)…. sometimes, however, a complete stranger can get through where flesh and blood fail……so here’s my 60 second COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS TO OUR RECENT GRADUATES:

In life you will have two worlds to conquer: the world outside …and the world within you. Your inner mental and emotional state will always determine the outer circumstances of your life. Without inner peace, your life and relationships will reflect the storm within you.

Love is the great power in the universe that can calm the world inside. YOU are infinitely worth loving. Great words these: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”….the hard part of that truth is the latter. Unless you love, and value YOU, it becomes next to impossible to love your neighbor. YOU are special and unique! YOU are just, simply, one of a kind…so too is EVERYONE you will ever meet! Love your neighbor as you love yourself…and establish your beachhead in the world outside.

You also should brush your teeth twice a day.

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