The Future Is Now

The holiday season is upon us. And along with the gifts, and the excitement and overeating, comes a ramped up level of stress…more things to worry about… make time for… more thoughts buzzing around in our already overcrowded heads!

So why is the theme of this season, PEACE? I think we can agree that PEACE is essentially the absence of stress, anxiety, fear and worry. If this is true then we need to find a way to distance ourselves from stress, anxiety, fear and worry. There is one thing, these peacebreakers share in common: THEY ALL EXIST IN THE FUTURE. They exist in a place and time that HASN’T HAPPENED YET. That’s really worth repeating: ….but I won’t.

In his book, The Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis, the great Christian apologetic, describes a conversation between an uncle and his nephew. The relatives are actually a senior devil, uncle Screwtape, giving advice to his nephew, Wormwood, a novice attending devil college… let me paraphrase Uncle Screwtape’s advice to his nephew on how to torment the humans…. “We need to get these humans out of the PRESENT MOMENT and thinking about the FUTURE … get them thinking about the bad things that COULD happen… or MIGHT happen. We want a whole race perpetually in pursuit of the RAINBOW’S END… never honest, nor kind, NOR HAPPY WITH THE PRESENT … always waiting on tomorrow to bring them happiness. Then we can mess with their minds… creating all kinds of imaginary monsters. But above all Nephew, keep them out of the PRESENT MOMENT… because the PRESENT MOMENT… is the one place we cannot attack them …the one place, they are at PEACE!

So where is all this going? It is commonly accepted in medical circles that MOST, IF NOT ALL, DISEASE IS CAUSED BY STRESS. A great example of this is a study of white blood cells and how they respond to anxiety, fear, and stress (White blood cells are the shock troops of our immune systems.) Blood samples were drawn after subjects viewed either an emotionally disturbing film or a warm, fuzzy- feeling film. The white blood cells, whose job it is to attack any foreign invader that manages to get into our bodies such as viruses, bacteria toxins and so on, seemed to be directly affected by the type of movie that was seen. In the blood samples taken from the FUZZY film viewers, the white blood cells did what they were supposed to do. Under the microscope they could be seen swarming to the artificially introduced bacteria…surround it… and literally dissolve it! However, in the other group of BUMMED –OUT film viewers… the white blood cells were not too interested in tangling with the bacteria in their midst. They just sort of lollygagged around… while the invading bacteria duplicated itself over and over again … they never really mounted a full frontal assault. I wonder what havoc a steady diet of the Evening News, and Freddy Krueger films do to our immune system? A steady diet of fear and worry and anxiety could turn our strongest line of defense against disease into a 98 pound weakling.

How can what I think change me physiologically? In his book space time and medicine, Larry Dossey, M.D. cites an example of a woman with a split (dual) personality when she was Mary, she was healthy and a rather normal individual. When the alter ego, Jane, surfaced… she became a diabetic and had cigarette burns on her arm. Same person, with 2 different physiologies … depending on who she was at the time. Our minds have tremendous power over our physical bodies at the cellular level. We’ve all seen hypnotists just by altering the subjects thinking can have them perform in such a way that would be ordinarily impossible.

So what’s the deal… where is this going? Very simply, that what goes on between your ears, what you think about meditate on… worry about…are usually things IN THE FUTURE that haven’t yet happened and may never happen. We expend an enormous amount of emotional energy… we weaken our immune system… and allow diseases to establish beachheads in our bodies.

When I tell my 2 yr old grandson…we’ll do this or that tomorrow…he just blinks at me, “What in the world is Poppi talking about?” Child psychologists have proven that up to about the age of 3 years, a child has little to no concept of the future. They live in THE NOW, in THE PRESENT. They don’t worry where the next meal is coming from, or what to wear to the sand box. To paraphrase the Apostle John,” we must become AS LITTLE CHILDREN to enter that place of PEACE and safety.”

Before we can get the outside world under control we must get the world INSIDE right. Perhaps watching more comedies and less evening news might be a good place to start.

Stay well,

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Appeared in December 2010 Nogales International

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