The Foundations of Health…Part 2

We live on 10% of what we eat…On the other 90% our doctor lives.

Last month we discussed natural sugar being an addictive drug that, medically speaking, should be classified as a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. We touched on the fact that any ARTIFICIAL sweetener increases the risk of serious degenerative diseases. The artificial sweetener ASPARTAME (Equal, Nutra Sweet) is an especially nasty substance and should never have been approved for human use. Early experiments with aspartame all found dramatic tumor increases in test animals including brain, pancreas, thyroid, prostate, and breast tumors. There’s also evidence that aspartame can worsen depression and damage a fetus’ developing brain. Even small concentrations in chewing gum have been shown to precipitate headaches.

Monosodium glutamate, (MSG) which I like to think of as synthetic-salt, is a flavor enhancer for most manufactured foods. If you open a box, can or jar, it is probably laced with MSG. MSG fools the brain into thinking something tastes better than it actually does. Manufacturers may use it in lieu of quality ingredients.

The adverse biochemical effects of MSG were discovered in 1957 by British ophthalmologists. Their animal research found it destroyed the retinal cells and killed vital neurons within the brain itself. MSG taken during pregnancy can result in severe intellectual impairment. School age children were unable to grasp complicated subjects; a chemical dumbing down. Some infant formulas frequently contain high MSG levels that are equal to those causing brain lesions in experimental animals.

Kids today start life gorging on junk food. Bags of MSG-laced chips and snacks have been shown to negatively stimulate a child’s brain, often resulting in uncontrollable behavior. Some schools have seen the light, and now provide only healthy, non-chemical laced processed foods in their cafeterias. As a result, they have noticed an incredible decrease in absences, behavioral problems and violence.

Over the last decade we have witnessed an unexplained explosion in childhood obesity. Traveling back to 1968 when MSG experiments were being conducted, it was noted that all of the mice were grossly obese. Biochemically, MSG disrupts the developing brain’s weight control center. One study discovered that animals fed MSG soon after birth preferred foods that were very high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value causing gross obesity. Researchers also found that this fat could not be exercised off and was extremely difficult to remove through dieting. Could this apply to humans?

One of the more harmful effects of MSG is its effects on arteries. MSG drastically lowered the protective antioxidant enzymes from the arterial wall, causing massive inflammation. Remember the principal cause of atherosclerosis and heart disease is chronic inflammation. MSG also damages the kidneys. Kidney health depends on its incredibly complex capillary system functioning efficiently. Kidney disease is now increasing at a rapid rate in the United States.

Protection against MSG damage can be gained by taking vitamin C, E and quercetin. Taurine has also been shown to prevent obesity and correct the abnormal blood lipids caused by MSG. Even though the Japanese consume MSG, obesity is not prevalent. However, they consume much less than Americans. More importantly their high intake of omega-3 oils due to their fish diet significantly reduces the toxicity. Ginkgo biloba 120mg will block MSG receptors but should not be taken with other anti-coagulant’s. Alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, and a good multivitamin/mineral should give the body a fighting chance to avoid MSG’s negative effects.

Human biochemistry is not synthetic, it is natural. Introducing any man-made synthetic into our body will eventually screw up some essential bio-chemical process. Electromagnetic fields (i.e.) cell phones, pesticides (which have been implicated in Parkinson’s), chemicals added to our drinking water and sprayed in the air we breathe, all have negative consequences on our health. These things may be hard, sometimes impossible to avoid.

Deciphering labels on the package, and the consequences of what we put into our mouth, should be required reading for anyone desiring health and longevity.

Eat Well and Stay Well…Dr. Bill Ardito, D.D.S. – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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