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How’s your portfolio doing these days? Well, listen up, I have a hot stock tip for you: EARTH SUIT (ES) , a privately held blue-chip. It began as a Mom and Pop operation some years ago by two very inexperienced CEOs, just a few months before you were born. Today their microscopic investment is all grown up. Of course I’m talking about YOU. More specifically, the BODY you live in. What kind of CEO, are you? Would you be considered a good manager like Warren Buffet, or does it look like the GOVERNMENT is managing your EARTH SUIT? YOU’RE not too big to fail! I have some investment tips that you may be able to use to RESCUE your EARTH SUIT. Rescued from what you ask? Here’s a news bulletin: Your EARTH SUIT is ON FIRE. Doctors’ call it INFLAMMATION.

Our local wildfires have made national headlines. My daughter called recently. That afternoon, Firefighters had advised the family to be ready to EVACUATE! Earlier that morning, as I drove through the haze and smoke into Nogales the sun looked anemic. Like a flashlight bulb when the batteries start to go. Living in Patagonia for 20 years made me fearless. But fire scares the daylights out of me. And the FIRE that concerns me most is the one burning inside my EARTH SUIT. Evacuation is not an option. Watching our politicians on TV, one soon realizes what comes out of a mouth can have major repercussions. But more seriously, what goes into our mouth can be suicidal. FIRE in our bodies can be started by something as dramatic as a bullet wound, as simple as a sunburn, but more commonly from something as ”innocent” as a Big Mac and fries . Imagine your blood vessels the size of tunnels big enough to allow a semi truck to pass through. Imagine that semi’s loaded with oxygen, you know, the stuff we need to keep ticking. Now a roadside fire is one thing, but fire in a tunnel is a disaster.

When one of those semis carrying oxygen runs into that FIRE is when all hell breaks loose. When the LIVER, who’s in charge of fire prevention, senses the explosion in the tunnel, it shoots a thermal glob of cholesterol into the breach. The cholesterol patches the tunnel, but if you keep having fires and keep slapping cholesterol patches on top of cholesterol patches… that tunnel starts to get real small. Pretty soon, even a pickup truck of oxygen can’t get through. As the cholesterol walls of that tunnel creep closer together, oxygen traffic is soon limited to folks struggling on foot, balancing baskets of oxygen on their heads. Of course I’m talking about the plumbing in your EARTH SUIT. Shut down enough of this plumbing… then our lights go out and “Elvis leaves the building”. FIRE, you see, is the cause of the cholesterol problem. Cholesterol’s actually the solution. I often advise patients who smoke and who can’t quit to at least do something to control the FIRE caused by smoking. We wind up discussing ANTIOXIDANTS, which can quench the fires of inflammation. Of course, proper rest, exercise and clean food is the best road to health. Sadly, few subscribe to this program. So I’m a big fan of doing whatever we can to neutralize the things we do to prematurely kill ourselves, and the MAJOR ANTIOXIDANTS top my list. They are: Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Coenzyme Q 10, and Alpha lipoic acid… and for smokers, Pycnogenol.

So if your physical plant is all “stove up”, and your machinery is groaning and making Bearish sounds, and a few valves are frozen shut, then get busy. This is one company, you don’t want to short. Of course some things can’t be avoided. Life itself, after all, is a terminal condition. But why not keep “Elvis in the building” as long as we can. As far as my own portfolio goes, I am definitely long on longevity.

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July 2011, article published in the Tubac Villager

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