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Staff Testimonial

I recently thanked Dr. Ardito for hiring me, which took him by surprise.  He was curious why I would make that statement.  I guess it is hard for a boss (dentist) to know what life is like at another office.  They have no frame of reference.

Working with Dr. Ardito has allowed me to develop another side of my skills.  I always knew I was technically a good hygienist.  I was taught well and continued to hone my skills with time and experience.  Unfortunately, at most offices, we were allowed a set amount of time for each patient.  This did not always take into consideration the actual time that patient really needed.  Some mouths take longer to clean than others.  Some patients need to be handled more delicately than others.  I often did not have enough time scheduled to give my patients what they really needed.

Here, we customize the time for each patient according to their needs.  Dr. Ardito takes the time to really know his patients.  I have seen him work his magic; transforming the most fearful, phobic patients into relaxed patients who trust him implicitly not to hurt or scare them.

Patients can be equally fearful of the hygienist, especially if it has been many years since their last cleaning.  This was where I had unknowingly failed them in the past.  Many times I only had enough time in the schedule to get the job done and teach them how to stay healthy.

Now, working with Dr. Ardito, I have found the hygienist I always wanted to be.  I have taken on more complicated procedures and continue to improve my skills.  The biggest change, however, has been discovering how compassion, kindness, patience and taking the necessary time needed, can transform a terrified patient into a confident one.  This is by far the best reward for working here.  For that, I am forever in his debt.

Cindy D.

Patient Testimonials

Dear Doctor, When I first came to you as a patient in the early 80's, I still had a fear of dentistry.  Well, you cured me of that very real ailment.  Again, both you and your able staff have the same balance of professional care and the actual "caring" for the patient.  Each member of your team has that blend.  Kim as the first person you meet, Francisco with his patience with an unruly gag reflex, Cindy who has that certain touch, you get teeth and gum repair without the pain.  Pam, a professional with all billing questions and yourself, adept with the instruments of your trade and the psychological touch to make a patient relaxed and safe.

Sincerely, Bart S.

I am extremely pleased with my results.  Dr. Ardito is an outstanding doctor, very competent, who takes a personal interest in the patient recovery process.  His competence is reflected in his staff - all outstanding.  Who in their right mind wants to go to a dentist, but if you gotta go, this is the place to go to.


I've had a lot of dental work throughout my life, with different dentists.  This staff is very efficient, kind, polite and willing to do whatever is necessary for the patient.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Great experience even if it is a dentist's office!

Name Withheld

The attention that I received today was excellent!  I didn't have to wait long.  The doctor was outstanding with his explanation, professionalism, and great attitude!  Keep up the good work!

Emma Tanori

I was terrified of going to the dentist,  until Dr. Ardito reassured me everything would be ok and I wouldn't get hurt, or feel pain.  Now I'm not afraid of going to the dentist.  Dr. Ardito and his staff are great.  They make you feel like they really care for each and every patient.  Now my husband and children also see the dentist and they love it.  We trust them completely.  I never thought I would ever trust a dentist again, in my life!  Great office staff & Dentist!

Lupita N


All the staff are kind and attentive to the needs of the patient

Friendly, explains procedures to the patient and decrease their stress; also which I appreciate helps patients undertand their condition and how to care for it in the best manner.  Gives the patient tools to do good dental care (i.e. toothbrush, paste, etc) also gives special products for special condition such as dry mouth, less saliva and explains implications of the product such as gum, xylitol.  Also is a peace-fill environment with flowing water.

Dr. Ardito is the best professional dentist I ever met.  I feel confident that he knows what to do and I feel above all...VERY SAFE!

Name Withheld

We are thrilled to have found Sunshine Dentistry for our family.  As a parent I want my kids to look forward to going to the dentist and have it be a positive experience, so that they will continue to take care of their teeth as adults.

Sunshine Dentistry is extremely friendly, informative and professional.  Loved the service we have received!

I especially liked that I was able to be a part of my kids' exams and Dr. Ardito made us feel like we were his only patients!  Just took his time and explained what we needed to know!  Thank you!

Luanne Rogers

I was very pleased with my first office visit I had with Dr. Ardito.  His suggestion for oral hygiene will keep my teeth healthy in the future.  The office staff was very professional and friendly.  I have already referred two friends to Dr. Ardito and will add more.

Maria M.

I have never been happier and comfortable at Sunshine Dentistry AZ.  The environment and customer service, it's amazing.  All personnel and staff, very social and professional.  And the way to explain things while working with you.  Detailed and to the point.  I know it would be hard to believe but every time I go, I fell asleep while Dr. and assistants are working on my teeth (that's how good they are).  Thank you for your hard dedication.

Joe V

I am very pleased with both the dental service and the staff.  Everyone is very caring and friendly


Staff is friendly, courteous and professional.  Work is excellent.  Music is great


I find Dr. Bill to be very compassionate as well as professional.  He has a gentle touch and explains the procedure thoroughly.  Cindy when she does my cleanings is very gentile yet extremely thorough.  I have total confidence in their work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  Kim and Pam in the office are very friendly and take great care in scheduling around my schedule.  This clinic is a jewel in southern AZ and is one of the reasons I love living here.

Richard Steffensen

It is always a pleasure to have Patty do my bi-annual teeth cleaning and check-up.  Patty is very informative about new tools and techniques that she uses.  She is very encouraging and positive and provides positive criticism regarding what I should do better to maintain my teeth's health and prevent decay.  The support staff, to include Kim and the finance lady (Pam) are very helpful and accommodating.  The facility is impeccable and the equipment for x-rays and treatment are of the latest technology.  It is always that Dr. Ardito and his staff make an effort for their office to be on the cutting edge of dentistry.  Thank you

Mario R.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Sunshine Dentistry for the attentiveness and wonderful service.  My first visit to the office was very pleasant and I was extremely satisfied with how thorough everyone was from my exam to the financial explanation.  I will definitely recommend Sunshine Dentistry to my family and friends.  Thank you all once again and I look forward to my next visit. 🙂


From the moment I entered the office I was greeted warmly.  The environment is natural and brightly lit.  Does so much to instill comfort and confidence that all here care.  Dr. Ardito's techniques are fantastic.  He installed my crown totally pain free.  The assistants (Denise) and hygienist (Cindy) are warm and highly skilled.  They answered all of my questions and offered good advice.  I have found the best place to go in So. Arizona for all of my dental needs.

Catherine F.

Best Dentist & staff in So Az!  Clean modern equipment and quality care.

Rick Burkett

I have had many cleanings as well as oral surgery at this office all my procedures have been experienced as very well done.  The staff is courteous and pleasant always.  I know most people don't like to go to the dentist but I must say I always feel better after.  I am one of those rare people who look forward to having their teeth cleaned - many thanks to Patty who does a great job.  So - Dr. Ardito and staff, thanks for being in Nogales and treating me so well!

Susan Lange

My dental care has been excellent.  Can not be replaced.  Dr. Ardito is a very caring doctor.  Also the office staff.  I can not comment on improvement because I think that you are the best.  May God bless all of you.

Name Withheld

My family and I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent dental care service you and your staff have provided us for the past 7 years.  I recall when I was out of town and needed painkillers so I called your office number and Kim was able to help me get immediate attention from afar.  This is called excellent service!  I hope your success will show others that old fashioned hard work and consideration for patients are values that are rewarded in our community.  Best of luck in the future and may you, your family and staff have a blessed New Year to come!

Name Withheld

We often speak of how blessed we are to have such fine dental care at this office.  In fact, we wish we had known Dr. Ardito and his staff when we were much younger!!  Everything is in place here for high level health care: state of the art knowledge, convenient access of time and place and above all the easy flow of teamwork among all involved dealing with both problems and prevention.

Karin & Stuart Rodes

Courteous, prompt, friendly, attend in a timely manner.  Estimates given before work is done.  Excellent service, no pain experienced.

Raul Y.

I have been your patient for at least 30 years, a long and very satisfying experience.  Dr. Bill and his staff have shown an excellent professional and caring manner at all times.  For me, the original "white knuckler" this was almost more important than the actual dental work.  The love and compassion I have also felt always with everyone will always be very special.  Especially when I sent a guest from the Z Ranch, you quickly cared for him, making his vacation much happier - for that I thank you - to one and all, I am eternally grateful.

Doris S.

Dr. Ardito has been my primary care dentist for approximately 30 years.  His positive, cheerful attitude has always been reassuring, but, more importantly, I value the pride he takes in his work.  This pride in workmanship is not something one frequently experiences now days.  In that oral health is but one aspect of one's overall health, Dr. Ardito has shared general health advice with me as well over the years.  I have recommended Dr. Ardito to friends and acquaintances over the years, and will continue to do so in the future.  He is a credit to his profession.

Robert Napier

Have always had a pleasant experience & atmosphere/office is very clean.  I have recommended many people that go to Tucson for dental purposes, to try to go locally to you.  They will save time & money & get great service.  Hope you never retire.

Miranda Miraval

We are pleased with Dr. Ardito's work and the office personnel are wonderful.

The Rodgers

Great friendly service and gentle hands.

Leigh W.

Everyone made me feel very welcomed, being my first time at Sunshine Dentistry.  I felt comfortable and aware of everything going on with my teeth and gums.  I wouldn't change a thing, everyone is very professional and friendly. Thank you.

Lupita Rojas

The whole staff: professional, attentive, courteous, friendly, helpful

Gus Rigoli

A letter of love from a girl who loves her dentist and all of his staff.  I have been treated so well that I can fall asleep while Bill or Cindy operate tools of torture in my mouth.  I can relax and sigh while Pam asks for my social security numbers, bank account and nearest living relative.  I can laugh with Kim while we make appointments and such.  What a blessed woman I am to have such a great group of people to care for me.  Thank you guys - I mean it!

Ruth Garcia

I felt very comfortable during the visit.  Hygienist is very thorough in every aspect.  She is always offering suggestions and recommendations.  Very pleasant as well.  I will come back -

Name Withheld

Dr. Ardito,

Perhaps the best thing your employees each seem to have in common is a strong sense of personal caring for the patient and his/her dental health.

Larry McCarty

Thank you for the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for decades of your personal expert dental care, given with dedication, integrity and love.  I always feel uplifted after my visits.

Your loyal staff of caring gentle, competent people soothe a nervous soul, as well.

Thank you,

Anne Sager

I have been going to Dr. Ardito for over 8 years.  They have (been) giving me the best service that I could ask for.  The doctor and his staff are the very best.

Thank you,

Douglas Bregen

Dr. Ardito and staff provide excellent and professional dental health care services.  They all posses great interpersonal skills and are friendly with a great sense of humor.  Patient care, high quality work and satisfaction is always paramount.

Mike Baldenegro

Dear Dr. Ardito…You are the world’s very best dentist.  We’re so lucky to have you here.  Never leave!  God bless you…

Joan Rojas

Dr. Ardito…Thank you for always being so good to us and making the dentist experience to be good and not scary for my boys. ..

The Aguirres

Doc Ardito, You are the most gentle dentist and I am glad to have a dentist like you. ..Even my kids like to come to the dentist because of you!...

The Aranas

Dear Dr. Ardito, We are so grateful for taking us in as your patients long ago, when our children were so young.  The years have passed so quickly and we are so comfortable coming to visit you that we hope you are always here to continue to take care of us!... p.s. Thank you for letting me sleep when my cavities were being fixed -

The Rodriguez Family

…Doc, Thanks for showing me that dentistry can be a pleasurable experience!!  Had I known about your pain free Dr. Feel Good approach to “drilling” I would have been at your doorstep 20 years sooner!!  Your incredible staff makes it all an “over the top” experience! …Thank you!

Nils Urman

...you are my hero!  I want to be like you when I grow up.  To have so much joy, happiness and energy…to be able to do things on your terms, not someone else’s.  Through all these years, we have never viewed coming here as a trip to the dentist’s office, it has always been we’re going to visit bill and his wonderful gals.  Dental schools should make a visit to your office a course requirement for all students.  Thank you so much for taking care and an interest in us, not only as patients, but also as friends…p.s. You know you can never retire…

The Vartolas

Bill – You’ve been the greatest dentist.  In fact, I’ve actually enjoyed going to you – because you’ve been completely painless…

Maureen King

Dr. Ardito…What can I say you have been amazing!  You have such a gentle hand and caring nature that you have given the comfort to come and be fearless.  Furthermore, I am forever grateful for the way you care for my children.  We truly feel blessed to have you in our lives.  Thank you for the amazing gift of dental health you have given us.  We love ya!

The Renteria Family

Dr. Ardito & Staff,

Thank you very much for 15 years of outstanding dental service.  The dental care has been excellent and your staff is efficient, caring and very friendly.  I have appreciated being one of your many very satisfied clients.

Frances Hyde

Letter written by a patient for Dr. Ardito's birthday:

Dr. Bill (Good Friend) Ardito,

There are so many great things I like about you.  It would take more pages than this book has to point them all out!

I’ll just point out a few.  I love the way you greet all your patients with a big smile and warm, friendly, sincere words.  I have never felt more comfortable in a dentist office or anywhere else for that matter.

I love the way you describe a good book and I love the way you and your staff take care of me and my family.  You are the best.  I need to tell you what stood out to me the most about you in those early days that I met you.  What stood out the most is how you interacted with your employees (staff).  Your respect for them and theirs for you was so genuine.  You looked them in the eye and spoke with total respect and true equalness.  Your communication with them was caring as a loving father, brother or friend.

I left wanting to emulate this interaction at my own office.  I found it’s not as easy as you make it look.

You are a wonderful human being.  I am lucky and better person having met and gotten to know you.

Happy Birthday Dr. Ardito,

We love you!

David Lundstrom

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The Sunshine Dentistry AZ Team