Straight Teeth in Six Months

Behavioral scientists contend that the eyes are the first thing we notice when first meeting someone. Poets describe our eyes as “the windows of the soul”. This past holiday season I accompanied my wife to the Windows of the Soul section of Dillard’s department store. I was overwhelmed by hundreds (thousands?) of paints and tints, shadows and highlighters, art supplies that would make Picasso jealous All designed to make eyes bigger and brighter. There were tiny medieval devices designed to pull hair out by the roots from above the eye. There were artificial hairs that could be glued to the edges of eyelids to make them fluffier and presumably provide shade in the Arizona sun. Nothing was lacking to make the eyes more noticeable and attractive.

Those same scientists tell us that the second thing we notice when speaking to someone is their teeth. Most everybody wants straight teeth and most everybody wants white teeth. Most folks prefer teeth without gaps and spaces. Rarely a day goes by in our office without one of our adult patients asking if we can straighten their crooked teeth or can the spaces, can the gaps between their teeth be eliminated.

There are many ways to create a brighter, whiter, more natural smile. We can lighten tooth color by bleaching or whitening. This can be done in a couple of hours in the office, or at home with custom tooth trays. If they’re badly stained or chipped, teeth can be veneered with a thin layer of porcelain restoring them to a very natural look. Spaces can be closed by cosmetic bonding. But the most exciting innovation is a system designed to straighten teeth in a very short period of time. Working people just don’t have the time to invest 24 to 36 months straightening teeth with trips to the orthodontist every three or four weeks.

Six Month Smiles is a carefully designed system focusing on straightening crowded, spaced and crooked teeth in approximately 6 months. The technique concentrates primarily on the upper and lower front teeth. Those who chew just fine require little or no change to their bite. Instead, the emphasis focuses on aligning the front teeth, closing spaces, and creating a natural smile in a very short time. This system doesn’t replace traditional orthodontia. Some people can only be treated by the more extensive multi-year treatment which is designed to move every tooth in the mouth to its ideal position. But around 80% or so of the population has no problem chewing. The Six Month Smile system is designed with that 80% in mind. Aside from 2 or 3 weeks of soreness, easily corrected with analgesics, the entire treatment is quite comfortable and fast. Adjustment visits are scheduled once a month. Braces are made of cosmetic, tooth-colored bonding material and blend with the natural teeth remarkably well. Even at conversation distance they are barely noticeable. The cost is a bit less than conventional orthodontic treatment, but the treatment time is much, much faster and less noticeable. Candidates for Six Month Smiles range in age from high school upperclassman to senior citizens. Call the office for more info (520) 761-1600, ask for Kim or Lily. They can explain the process in more detail.

Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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