Spare the Frogs: Two Approaches To Healing

How to get rid of a swamp full of mosquitos is used to describe how two medical philosophies differ. One line of reasoning eliminates the mosquitos by spraying them with a pesticide. It’s quick and relatively easy. Another approach reasons: mosquitoes need still water to lay their eggs. Getting the swamp water circulating means no baby bloodsuckers growing in the swamp.

Spraying pesticide is quick. Poof, the mosquitoes are gone! Of course, it would be cost prohibitive to coat each individual mosquito with pesticide, so the whole swamp is sprayed. The frogs, who up to now have been dining on mosquitoes and minding their business are, suddenly, intimately involved in mosquito-cide. Frogs become collateral damage; a side-effect. For the frogs however it’s a deadly effect. And unless we keep spraying, the mosquitoes will come back, because the swamp hasn’t changed. A few will even be immune to the pesticide…and hungry.

The more natural approach eliminates the need for poison and keeps the frogs happy. The downside: we continue swatting until mom and dad mosquito die off. As long as the water circulates, the swamp is healed. No more bites.

Picture your body as the swamp, and the mosquitos are whatever ailment is plaguing you at the moment. Natural medicine aims to bring the swamp/body to a state of optimal circulation i.e. biochemical health, instead of continually dosing with synthetic drugs. Less collateral damage.

Andrew Weil M.D. explains: ”No difference exists between a drug and poison, except dose. All drugs become toxic as the dose is increased…Potent drugs may be necessary in cases of critical and severe illness, but we now use them for all disease conditions, even those that are not severe… Consequently, reliance on such strong drugs produces a very high incidence of adverse reactions that range from transient discomfort to permanent injury and death.”

Barbara Starfield, M.D. in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports 106,000 deaths annually from hospital, non-error, adverse effects of medications. When outpatient deaths are factored, the number estimated soars to 225,000. This constitutes the third leading cause of death in the United States behind only cancer and heart disease!

Conventional medicine is superb in dealing with acute medical conditions and traumatic injury. Natural medicine works better for just about everything else, especially for chronic degenerative diseases: cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and G.I. disorders.

Treating the symptoms(mosquitoes) and not the cause of the problem (stagnant water) never really allows the body to heal, i.e. return to normal, optimal health.

Beware the physician that dismisses some suggested alternative treatment saying : “There are no studies confirming that.” The proper response should be: “There are no studies that I’ve read…”. Research abounds. Volumes are published monthly in prestigious medical journals. But, few doctors have time to examine the ongoing research.

Instead, the pharmaceutical industry designs a pill for everything, and supports its use with research they themselves underwrite. Prescription drugs come with a microscopically printed, multi-folded page, entitled: ”Possible Side Effects”. For the unlucky 225,000, the side effect was life ending.

Of course, not everyone dies. Of the 4 billion prescriptions written annually in the US, 225,000 deaths is a drop in the bucket. And of course, there are also pills for the side effects, adding another layer of side effects (and confusion) to the first list of side effects).

We are a pill popping nation, and to make matters worse, french fries and soda pop have become staples of our diet. Even in ancient Egypt they had it figured out: Man lives on 10% of what he eats on the other 90% his physician lives.

Stay well – Dr. Bill Ardito, Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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