Reversing Heart Disease

One of the advantages practicing dentistry these many years is watching my patients change. I’m not talking about growing less beautiful or handsome; I’m talking about gradually losing their health. I review medical histories every day, and I’m amazed at the large amount of synthetic prescription meds some are taking and have been taking for years. I’ll explain that no one knows the combined interactions of all the side effects. According to Andrew Weil M.D. director of integrative medicine at the University of Arizona: “No difference exists between a drug and a poison except dose.” I’m asking folks if they’re getting better from their conventional treatment. Some will say yes. Others will complain about the side effects, and of course some will say, “No, not really.”

The side effects can be brutal. I warn them especially about avoiding drugs to combat osteoporosis and instead give them the latest research in nutritional therapy that can make their bones healthy. We’ll discuss taking coenzyme Q10 if they’re on a statin. It neutralizes the nasty side effects of the statin’s interruption of the liver’s CoQ10 enzyme production; a life-threatening side effect.

To my patients battling cancer, I recommend listening to interviews with oncologists who are getting dramatic results utilizing natural medicine. Combined with conventional cancer treatment, the results are nothing short of amazing. I start to share what I’ve learned from experts in the field; what might help them turn the corner back to health. A few years ago I even bought a case of books from Amazon called KNOCKOUT. (oncologist interviews) and passed them out to those I thought it might help.

I warn them especially about avoiding drugs to combat osteoporosis and instead give them the latest research in nutritional therapy that can make their bones healthy. Often, I’ll direct them toward a natural therapy, or someone who I think can help heal whatever is causing their symptoms. Once the prescription meds get the SYMPTOMS under control, utilize natural supplements to heal whatever caused the symptoms in the first place. This is called Integrative medicine.

But having a full schedule of patients needing dental treatment, there is little time to properly coach them to health. My staff, bless them, endeavors to keep me on schedule. So, I excuse myself and move on to our next patient, regretting that I didn’t have the time to offer more direction.

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with 90% blockage of two coronary arteries. It was so severe that I would awaken from a deep sleep with crushing chest pains. It’s called unstable angina. Not a good thing. The cardiologist advised bypass surgery as my best option. Since atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) is a systemic disease, it made no sense to take some diseased artery in my leg to replace a more diseased artery in my heart. I literally spent my two week scheduled vacation researching non-surgical treatment of my problem. Three books were my guide, “Reversing Heart Disease Now” by cardiologists Roberts and Sinatra, Dean Ornish’s, “Reversing Heart Disease” and Gabriel Cousens, MD, “Conscious Eating”.

Within a few weeks, all prescription meds were no longer needed. I did a 180 with my eating, and within 3 months, I lost 23% of my bodyweight and bought a new wardrobe. All symptoms resolved. Fast forward to today, and all systems are go. I’m not recommending this approach for my readers. It’s just a dramatic example of how the body wants to heal when we choose to love ourselves. I am totally committed to longevity. The toxic world in which we live, the horrible “foods” we eat, and the chronic, debilitating stress, all combine to shorten our lives, hobbling us physically and mentally. There is no pill, no quick fix for years of treating our bodies like an orphan child. But we do have a choice. We can right the ship; countless others have changed course.

Health is our natural state! We may need a guide to help us reach our destination, or we can go it alone. But if living a long, health-ridden life is your desire, why not start…?

Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito, D.D.S. – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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