Reading This Book Has Taken Away My Fear of Cancer


Conventional cancer treatment is essentially a search and destroy mission… find the tumor…cut it out…poison it with chemicals…or nuke it with radiation… all out war…”Shock and Awe”. The collateral damage to normal body parts would make headlines on CNN. But sadly the death rate from cancer has not budged over the last 50 years. Is anyone paying attention? Or, is this the politically correct way to treat this flesh- eating enemy? Why do we persist in a game plan that is obviously stalemated?

In any war…and this is a war, have no doubt about it…first-hand intelligence on the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses should determine the battle plan. Do we know what cancer’s weaknesses are? Or should we just keep on bombing and strafing… hoping to blast a few nasty cells into oblivion? Maybe a few smart bombs instead. What on earth am I talking about?

Over the years, we have CHEMICALIZED just about everything we come in contact with… from the beds we sleep on…which are impregnated with flame- retardant chemicals (so we won’t burst into flames while sleeping I presume)… to the food boxes at the supermarket, whose labels look like a chart of the periodic table… to the chemically treated water we drink…and the exhaust- fouled air we breathe. We’re swimming in a toxic soup. But God, in his infinite wisdom, has given us a wonderful immune system…designed to neutralize most of this junk. Sadly, however, most immune systems are COUCH POTATOES…certainly, no match for an adversary as persistent as cancer. But there is hope.

In the book…” KNOCKOUT”… a half-dozen research-focused physicians present eye-opening intelligence and unique approaches to withstand and prevail…against a CANCER ATTACK…what cancer cells absolutely need in order to survive… the FRAGILITY of the cancer cell itself. Something so terrifying, yet so fragile…we never knew.

Pioneer doctors, who instead of circling the wagons, are mounting a charge against possibly the greatest terrorist in our midst…one that does not Racially Profile. They present innovative, successful therapies to enhance the positive effects, and counteract the terrible side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgery…how to minimize metastasis…an interesting discussion concerning mammograms and a recipe designed to starve cancer cells to death…and reinforcements for our exhausted immune systems.

Our doctors, the guys on the front line…the best trained in the world…are being buried alive in red tape and paperwork. And thanks to government and private insurance programs, they are paid ridiculously low fees to boot. They have little time for family life, let alone time to examine the volumes of medical research that’s published weekly. I believe we are essentially ALL ON OUR OWN. That is we are each PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for our own health.

The book’s title:”KNOCKOUT… INTERVIEWS WITH DOCTORS WHO ARE CURING CANCER AND HOW TO PREVENT GETTING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE” is a #1 New York Times bestseller. About $15 at I’m also stocking a few copies in my office and have sent copies to several friends.

Why am I sharing this with you? Take another look at the title of this article…that’s why! I hope it does the same for you. Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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