Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1: I think in dentistry, as in life, knowing WHAT’S wrong is usually much harder than actually fixing the problem. It’s called diagnosis.

Usually solutions can be found, but only after the problem is known. After a dozen plumbers failed to repair Mary’s running toilet she calls old Bob, a retired master plumber. After just looking at the toilet for a minute, he opens his tool box, takes out a hammer and gives the toilet a tap. To Mary’s amazement the running stops. When Mary gets a bill for $205 she’s upset and demands old Bob itemize the bill. The itemized bill arrives a day later: Hitting toilet with hammer: $5.00….KNOWING WHERE to hit toilet: …$200.

Random Thought #2: Do we really need teeth? With the new high-speed blenders, you can liquefy your rib eye steak and drink it. Food should be chewed at least 50 times before swallowing to be more easily digested. But that sure wastes a lot of time. I’ve seen some folks give 2 or 3 chomps, and then down the hatch it goes. They would need a wood chipper to grind that up. Rolaids anyone

Random Thought #3: Jesus teaches “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. I think the problem is in the 2nd half of that admonition. Loving yourself is a prerequisite to being able to love others. The way some of us abuse our bodies is downright scary. Each one of us is incredibly valuable, totally unique. I think you have to be at peace with yourself before you can be at peace with other people. Peace comes from staying in the present moment. Worrying about the future is exhausting. We dentists get a lot of anxious patients. Anxious is an understatement. Terrified would be more accurate. For some patients, anticipation of the dental treatment is more terrifying than the treatment itself. So what we do is ease those patients into the present moment. We give them drugs. Whether it’s a local aesthetic, nitrous oxide, or some type of sedative, we use drugs to get rid of their anticipation of the future. Keep them in the present moment. If the patient is relaxed, and the anesthesia is profound, then there is no chance of surprising them with pain. And more importantly, from my perspective as a dentist, having a patient leap out of the chair while I am totally immersed in their bicuspid will definitely cure the most stubborn case of hiccups. Some patients resist taking anything for their treatment. I informed them if they don’t take some sedation, I definitely will. We both laugh but they get the point. I am a devout coward, and I treat my patients likewise.

Random Thought #4: Apthous ulcers can be misery for those people who suffer from this common oral problem. The lesions are painful and can make eating extremely difficult. The Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine recommends vitamin B 12 and folic acid as a cure for this problem. Taking L. lysine has also proven to be effective in eliminating or reducing these viral ulcers. The best absorption of B12 and folic acid is with a sublingual tablet dissolved under the tongue.

Random Thought #5: One of the good things resulting from World War II: with her ports blocked, Finland, could receive no sugar shipments. For a sugar substitute, Xylitol was extracted from native birch trees. A couple of years later, Finnish children had 50% fewer cavities. Research then and now has proved that Xylitol can reduce cavities from 50 to 85%. It’s safe. Infants and diabetics can safely use it. Look for anything with 100% Xylitol, and use it 5 times a day.

Be on the lookout for people who have hammers in their tool box.

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August 2011, article published in the Nogales International

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