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Pain and Fear Management, Sedation

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Pain control and dentistry is vital to the success of any treatment.  So in our practice, we go through great pains to eliminate pain.  Before anesthetic is administered, we use a dermatological grade topical anesthetic.  This was actually developed for general surgery to do skin biopsies.  This effectively deadens the area before any local anesthetic is applied.  The anesthetic we use is the most potent available and treatment is never started until all possibilities of pain are eliminated.  Some patients require much more time for the anesthetic to take effect... and we take that time.  The treatment time for each patient is determined greatly by the time it takes for deep anesthesia to occur.   However, in my opinion it’s not pain so much that's the problem.  Realistically pain can be eliminated 100% of the time.  Instead, it's the fear of pain that causes the problem


Fear is very real!  It has nothing to do with your intelligence.  It has nothing to do with how tough you are.  And it's something you can't talk yourself out of.  It's something we deal with continuously with every patient we see.

Fear is one of the greatest deterrents for many people to fix their teeth or in obtaining dental care in general.  More than anything else, we spend the most time addressing this issue with all of our patients.  Providing a calm, caring environment…not rushing...and above all, listening to the patient is basic to pain control and the elimination of fear.

To control fear we have several modalities available:

Nitrous oxide is an inhalation sedative, which you breathe through a nasal mask.  You don't go to sleep, but it's like having a couple of martinis... you relax.   I routinely use it on children with excellent results.  Of course, it's just as effective with adults... and it wears off in minutes. 

Sometimes we'll combine that with some oral sedation, a pill which the patient takes an hour before their appointment, which further relaxes them.


For those patients who are truly phobic... and roughly 10% of the population fits that description….we use a protocol known as oral conscious sedation, which is very similar to” twilight”, that place you are just before sleep.  For this type of conscious sedation, a caregiver is required as the patient is not allowed to drive before or after treatment and must be monitored for several hours after treatment by a responsible party.  With this level of deep sedation, vital signs are continuously monitored and all dental treatment can usually be completed in one sitting.  The perception of time is eliminated as well as any memory of the treatment itself.


We listen to our patients... what they want, what are their expectations.  No one size fits all, and this is especially true in dentistry.

Our goal is to have every patient treated in a calm environment, with personalized attention according to their individual needs…and to have experienced zero pain!  We routinely follow up on treatment with personal phone calls.  We will help you have the most pleasant dental experience possible.

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