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About Dr. Ardito

• Born: Vito Michael Ardito
• DBA: Bill Ardito D.D.S., Inc. - Sunshine Dentistry Az
• Board Certified: Oral Conscious Sedation
• Contributing Columnist, Nogales International Newspaper
• Member, DOCS: Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
• B.A. Psychology, Rutgers University
• D.D.S., New York University
• Editor NYU Dental Violet Yearbook
• Prosthetic officer, USAF, Dyess Air Force Base
• Mini Residency, General Surgery, USAF
• Resident Dentist: AIMS, American Institute for Mental Studies

Since my father was born in Sicily, I guess that makes me 1st generation American.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but raised in Vineland, a small farming community in South Jersey, midway between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.  I was high school class president for 3 years, a pretty good wrestler, a fair pole-vaulter, attained National Honor Society and a scholarship to Rutgers.   In college, and because of superior party and drinking skills, I was social chairman for Beta Theta Pi fraternity.  Somehow I managed to graduate, and in the summer after my senior year, married my high school sweetheart.  Donna not only managed to civilize me, but was our sole financial supporter through 4 years of dental school.

Vietnam years found us in Abilene Texas in the Air Force, where I learned more dental skills in 2 years than in 4 years at NYU.   Matthew, our son, came along about that time.  I learned to change diapers and play golf, (more of the latter)   It was in Texas that I fell in love with the Southwest.  The sun was out every day, and the sky was huge.  Two years later, reluctantly, I headed back to the gray skies of New Jersey to open private practice.  But I never forgot the sun.

A dozen years later, I turned a thriving private practice over to my partner Steve, and along with Donna, Matt, and now Emily, headed to Arizona.  My colleagues thought I was nuts to give up the mini- empire I had built, but I knew better.  I practiced in Scottsdale, for a year with a good buddy from the Air Force.  It was nice, but overpopulated with very hot people from the East, the very ones I thought I left behind.  And then one weekend in 1980, Donna and I stumbled across Patagonia, a tiny mountain village, an hour south of Tucson, whereupon she announced to me that this is where we would raise the kids.  I knew better than to argue.  I took that entire year off to design and physically build a solar adobe home.  When the money ran out, Donna suggested I might try practicing dentistry for a change…Good idea!  So here we are west of the Mississippi, 400 days of sunshine a year, great Mexican food and warm salt water only a few hours away, and the nicest people in the world as patients.

The frigid New Jersey winters, taught me how to ski, I learned to play golf in the Air Force, and Patagonia allowed me to chill out, coach high school baseball and football and become part of my family again.  I fell in love with dentistry and life in general all over again.  I love what I do, can't get enough of it.  I love fixing things, especially if people are attached to those things.  In Patagonia, Dr. Gabriel Cousins ignited a passion in me for holistic medicine, which I try to incorporate into the treatment of my dental patients.  I'm a bit of a health nut.  Nutrition and natural medicine, as they apply to dentistry, along with my family and my Faith are the focal points of my life.  I have a great staff, many have been with me for years, they make going to work fun...what more could one want!?