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Max, a brilliant scientist, once, a long time ago designed and constructed the first human prototype. Let’s call him “Dave”. Max is extremely proficient in creating life out of nothing. As time goes by however, Dave starts to slow down and needs some repairs, Max knows what Dave needs. He carefully instructs him to only eat Plants, Seeds, and Fruits. Period! Now Max, being a very Green guy runs a full service operation. He designs an incredibly sophisticated and elegant bread making factory just for Dave. He miniaturizes the factory and inserts it into the leaf of every green plant. Pure genius! Sunlight is the only energy needed to manufacture the starch from which the bread is formed; and a bit of Carbon Dioxide; which interestingly enough, is what Dave exhales. Of course, being Max, the only waste produced from the manufacturing process is, are you ready: Oxygen; which, of course, Dave gobbles up. Very green! To this day, the secret of Max’s starch making process of Photosynthesis, has never been solved.

Whether you believe the above story completely or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Plants are the cornerstone of Health. And Health is the cornerstone of Life. Without Plants, Life ceases to exist.

Activated by radiation from the sun, Chlorophyll is energized. Chlorophyll is the plant’s life force, which when consumed, “injects” life into us. Plants repair us and regulate the complex biochemical systems that keep us humming along. Interestingly, chlorophyll and hemoglobin only differ by one atom: chlorophyll has magnesium in its structure, while our blood’s hemoglobin has iron.

Over the years I’ve come to a deeper understanding and respect for Max’s brilliance. There is no disease that is incurable. Dave is designed to stay healthy if he sticks to Max’s menu. If he decides to poison himself with a diet of Cheetos and Diet Coke, Max’s menu become his antidote.

For centuries plants have been the foundation of health and healing. Modern “evidence-based” medicine, even with its undesirable side effects, can rescue us when we’ve eaten or poisoned ourselves to the brink of destruction. But unfortunately, synthetic drug side effects, long term, can be more devastating than the disease being treated. Side Effects is a politically correct term describing really bad things happening in other parts of our body. Often, while watching drug commercials, my grandkids will holler …”Mom, hurry up, the Side Effects, the Side Effects are coming on”. Funny if it weren’t so sad.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, after a “real” doctor saves your bacon, he refers you to a Healer skilled in the use of plant extracts to remove the Cheetos that are fouling up your biology. Terms like “manage your disease” would be replaced by “Cure your disease”.

Patients, when mentioning the usefulness of natural treatments with their physician, are often told: “There are no studies about that.” To honestly finish that comment, the words: “That I’ve Read”, should be tacked on. There are an obscene amount of studies published in mainstream medical journals concerning the effectiveness of natural herbal plant-based therapy on almost all degenerative conditions.

Research demonstrates powerful benefits when synthetic drugs and natural phytochemicals are used in combination, making them exponentially more effective at much lower doses while reducing or eliminating side effects completely. Physicians either don’t have time or the interest to read the research. The power of such a symbiotic relationship between conventional and natural physician would be an enormous benefit to all the sick Dave’s in the world.

I’m an optimist, but with such intense competition for our health dollars, it’s just wishful thinking. So what’s the solution? It’s commonly said that the place you’ll be in life five years from now, depends on the people you meet and the books you read. Start reading. Order the classic, CONSCIOUS EATING by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. For patients with heart disease, examine REVERSE HEART DISEASE NOW by Sinatra and Roberts, both MDs. and respected cardiologists. Dr. Stephen Gundry’s THE PLANT PARADOX describes the use of plants to reverse many degenerative diseases. And finally, get a copy of neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock’s HEALTH AND NUTRITION SECRETS.

All of these physicians, respected specialists in their fields, took the time to do the research for us. Where will you be five years from now?

Stay well…Bill Ardito, DDS – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

PS: an inscription found on an ancient Egyptian monument reads: “Man lives on 25 percent of what he eats, on the other 75 percent his physician lives.”

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