Making Beautiful Music

Many moons ago, when I was a kid, there was this kindergarten song: “The ankle bone connected to the leg bone, the leg bone connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connected to the…” And so on, and so on, erecting the human framework, verse by verse. As a dental student at N.Y.U., my physiology professor hyperbolically explained that: “the G.I. tract was MERELY an appendage of the oral cavity “ It was humorous at the time.

I’ve long since stopped laughing. I think the fragmentation, the disassembling of “them bones”, so to speak, into specialties: heart doctors, kidney doctors, stomach doctors, etc., has spawned unexpected consequences. The problem is essentially one of communication or lack thereof. The human body is a finely tuned orchestra. Every cell is in contact with every other cell via nerves, hormones, enzymes and stuff we haven’t figured out yet. They produce a music called HEALTH. As doctors, It’s almost impossible to communicate and coordinate the intricacies and esoteric knowledge of our specialty with one another, for every single patient, let alone keep up with current research… And at a fast enough rate!

We talk about prevention, but we leave filling that prescription up to the patient; most don’t follow through. Changing habits requires serious motivation. Only when disaster strikes and mortality rears its head, do we look for someone to lead the orchestra. Then, choices have to be made. To whom do we hand the baton?

I can’t imagine anyone dealing with serious illness not reading and discovering everything available concerning their dysfunction. I can’t imagine only exploring one avenue of treatment, and not all methods: Natural, Ayurvedic, Allopathic (conventional), Spiritual. If you’re willing to do that, you just might want to take up the baton yourself. And with the help of caring, empathetic physician guides, rekindle the music inside.

The mouth is the organ I chose. It’s probably the organ that is directly responsible, at least in part, for a whole potpourri of degenerative problems: diabetes, hypertension, cancer, kidney disease, asthma, divorce, lawsuits, etc., start with the mouth. What foreign substances do we stuff into that organ?

My favorite (only) ancient Egyptian quotation: ”Man lives on 10% of what he eats, on the other 90% his physician lives.” There’s no doubt that the quality of food affects us at a profound biochemical level. Clean food nowadays, is hard to find. But it’s worth the effort. Anything prepackaged is suspect. Read the label. Pretend it’s a doctor’s prescription. The label, ideally, would consist of a few recognizable words that an eight-year-old could read. Avoid acronyms; flee from GMO, MSG, HFC. Avoid ingredients resembling the periodic table, or an Albert Einstein doodle. Fast food and Twinkies will not get the orchestra playing again.

Let me share a few Whimsical Recommendations for Pathological Junk Eaters. If you use your mouth as a trashcan, then I recommend NOT chewing what you put in there at all. Or chewing as little as possible. Gulping, so to speak. That way the bigger, impervious-to-digest chunks, will pass through you unscathed, thereby reducing the toxic chemical load shoveled in. And you will delight your gastroenterologist.

The surgical approach, while more dramatic, also merits consideration. Instead of stapling your stomach, (staples could rust), why not just remove teeth that are opposite one another? Sort of like one hand clapping: No noise! And no chewing either. We’d be forced to blend our Big Macs. That would be the best of both worlds. Plus you’ll be stimulating the economy. At least your dentist’s and gastroenterologist’s economy.

If you’re already missing teeth, or can only chew on one side, then you’re already way ahead of the game…Ridiculous? Maybe. (Ok, definitely!) Better yet, eat well and Stay Well – Dr Bill Ardito, D.D.S. – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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