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Let's Talk about Gum Disease

Let's talk about gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease

Last time you brushed your hair did you notice BLOOD on the hair brush?  Would you think something might be wrong if you did?  You might even see a doctor…right?  So why do many of us ignore the blood we occasionally find on our toothbrush?  In my opinion, if this happens, worrying is definitely in order.


When your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you probably have periodontal disease.  Is that bad?  Yes, very.  You could lose your teeth.  And what's worse, there is usually little or no pain to warn you something’s wrong.  Most people think they're brushing too hard and that's causing the bleeding ... wrong!  The fact is, you’re not brushing well enough or often enough…or you’re doing it on autopilot.  Blood coming out of any part of our bodies is not a good thing.  I'm trying to keep it simple.  The inflammation that’s causing your blood vessels to leak is caused by bacteria...little bugs… in your mouth, especially between your teeth.  The problem with teeth, from a health standpoint anyway, is that they really should be a lot further apart.  That way, we wouldn't have to worry about cleaning between them. One tooth would be ideal from a cleaning standpoint…but probably wouldn’t attract too many of the opposite sex. 


You see, the bugs that cause the bleeding live in the little caves between your teeth.  You know the place the brush can't get to.  The bugs that caused the infection, and your body's response, the inflammation...well these bugs go to the bathroom just like we do.  Now this may be way more information than you care to process…… but I'm trying to keep it simple.  They also have babies, and very short pregnancies... like about every 10 to 12 hours.  The babies of course don't wear diapers... are you still with me?   So the most important part about cleaning your mouth is to clean out the caves between your teeth, where the brush can't reach.  Toothpicks work and of course dental floss (it's the 1st word, newborn baby hygienists speak... FLOSS… not Mama or Dada…..FLOSS.)  If your hygienist has never mentioned floss to you….then she’s probably into toothpicks...or you just have one tooth.


Interestingly, many of the gum problems I see are in people with really great teeth that are nice and even and tight together.  Because, unless they’re cleaning out the tight little caves between those teeth, where the bugs that cause inflammation live,  and doing it twice a day (the babies you know), trouble could be brewing.  I tell some of the guys I see, they probably change the oil in their pickups a lot more frequently than they maintain their mouth.  Of course, I say it in a nice way and we all get a laugh out of it.  But a cleaning every couple of years may not do it for most of us.  Most university studies recommend an average of 4 months between “oil changes”, er…Hygiene visits, to keep our mouth running well.  So if your gums are bleeding and you're spending more on breath mints than on electricity, you should probably see your dentist.


Gum disease is nasty, because we usually feel pretty good while it's cooking....  Usually not much pain, but below the surface, where the x-ray sees, that's another story.  The inflammation, the infection, not only makes the gums bleed, but also dissolves the bone holding the tooth in your mouth.  That's the really bad part.  We need bone and once it’s gone it’s gone forever. So the first sign is blood...the next is teeth that wiggle.  As the bone washes away the tooth appears to get gets longer...hence the saying “long in the tooth”.


I think if folks clean between their teeth as well as they brushed their front teeth, I pretty much could close down my hygiene department.  But then again, that would put Patty and Cindy out of work.  So maybe you should all continue doing what you're doing... with the economy the way it is.  And all that, you know...

Stay well,   

Dr. A.

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