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One thing you have to get right when you build a house is the plumbing. Of course, electricity is also important, but unlike plumbing, it doesn’t require much maintenance. I mean electric wires don’t get clogged up, and they don’t leak. Nasty things don’t get into the wire. But plumbing, that’s another story. What should the pipes be made of? What diameter should they be? What’s going to move the water? What size pump do you need to move the water to the far bathroom? What if the pipes spring a leak?

If I had to pick one thing to concentrate on, to improve our health and avoid organ failure of our heart, liver, kidneys, brain, or any other body part, it would be our plumbing. The miles of veins, and arteries, which ultimately end up as microscopic capillaries, need to be kept open, flexible and unclogged. The tiny capillaries, smaller than a human hair, allow one red blood cell to pass through at a time. Remember, red blood cells carry oxygen which keeps our distant parts working. Reduce the oxygen to your leg and you experience a charlie-horse, a leg cramp. Reduce the oxygen to your heart, and you get winded just walking across the room. Or you can get a heart type charlie-horse. We call that a heart attack. A leaky artery in the brain is called a stroke. Bad stuff happens when our plumbing clogs up or leaks. So, focusing on our oxygen transport system, which is our plumbing, our circulation, is of paramount importance.

We talk about the conservation of the planet. How about the conservation of our bodies? Don’t treat your body like a garbage dumpster. What we put into our bodies is way more important than the supplements we take. Most chronic diseases would respond to a raw, green, organic diet: nothing out of a box. Supplements are secondary to eating clean food.

We trust the giant food corporations are looking out for us, and that the food we get in boxes and cans is safe. Unfortunately, when corporations have to choose between nutrition, safety and profit, profit often prevails! Many reading this won’t act until backed up against the wall and life or mobility is at stake. Avoid sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, avoid soybean, corn, peanut, canola, sunflower, and safflower oils. If they’re on the label of the box avoid them because they’ve been heated which makes them deadly. Along with monosodium glutamate (MSG) found in most processed foods, they cause massive inflammation of our plumbing. The best oils are olive oil and coconut oil. Speed up your circulation occasionally. Get off your butt, move and get your heart pumping a bit. It’s a muscle. Exercise it!

There are no pharmaceutical drugs that will strengthen blood vessels. As we age, our plumbing begins to weaken; sort of like a garden hose left out in the sun too long. Vitamin C, however, in doses greater than 500 mg a day combined with 1 or 2000 mg of the amino acid, Lysine, will strengthen blood vessels.

Minerals, especially magnesium are essential for healthy plumbing. Prescription drugs deplete magnesium. Magnesium improves blood flow, prevents clogged arteries and protects all parts of our heart. The flavinoid Quercetin, as well as Curcumin opened clogged arteries in test animals.

We’ve become very confident that our doctors can replace our heart if needed or replace a joint if it’s not working. But, is that really the best solution? Nothing that man makes, no matter how skilled, is ever as good as what God made in the first place. Why not take care of your original plumbing? The one that came with the house you live in. There’s nothing better!

Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito, D.D.S. – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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