In its purest sense, life is only a game. The ending is always the same…and everybody gets a turn. The game clock differs wildly for each of us. No rehearsals allowed. No mulligans. One take and that’s it. Many of us get battered and bruised along the way. After a few stumbles, wiser players learn to dodge the most violent collisions. But alas, quoting Forrest Gump, and no matter how wise you are…“STUFF” HAPPENS”.

I believe that the place you’ll be five years from now is choreographed by the people you meet and the books you read. Your health, your finances, relationships, your growth in becoming a Whole Individual depends on those two things.

Years ago while living in Patagonia, I met a person that would have a profound impact on my health. I became acquainted with Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D. and his masterful work entitled Conscious Eating. Chapter 26 describes how the enzymes in live food impart life, biochemical electricity, to our body, and why cooking food destroys its life giving force and ultimately our health.

A single chapter in a book was my epiphany! My thinking and my life changed that day. Life and health depend primarily on the quality of food we choose. And what we do to that food before we eat it determines whether it will enhance or short-circuit our bodies biochemistry and ultimately our health.

Enzymes, like a battery pack, power every biochemical reaction in our body. We cannot exist without enzymes. The bad news is we are only given a finite amount of enzymes at birth to begin with. Fortunately, in live raw food the life force, the enzymes, can work their magic. More than vitamins, exercise, or prescription drugs, the food we eat and how we prepare it, ultimately determines the health of the earth suit we call our body.

Classic research done by Francis Pottinger, M.D. over a 10 year period involved feeding 500 cats raw milk and raw meat and a second group of cats pasteurized milk and cooked meat. The first generation of cats on the cooked food developed a pattern of degenerative diseases similar to what we see in humans. In the second and third generations the cooked food eating cats exhibited erratic behavior, congenital bone deformities and were unable to reproduce. These cats were so toxic that plants would not even grow on their manure. None of the raw food cats suffered these problems.

Above 118 degrees F, all living food enzymes are destroyed within a few minutes. The food is dead. Pasteurization destroys the majority of enzymes in a half hour. Babies fed pasteurized milk get almost no enzymes compared to breast-fed babies. They exhibit a much higher mortality rate than those fed mothers milk and they have double the rate of sickness. Eating raw food preserves enzymes that can be used by other organs to repair and regenerate. Certainly no less than a 50% raw, plant-based food diet is probably the best medicine for whatever is ailing us. 80% raw is even better. Raw food imparts life. Animals living in the wild suffer none of our human diseases. They take no prescription drugs and don’t have microwaves.

My favorite quotation discovered on an ancient Egyptian monument reads: “Man lives on 10% of what he eats, on the other 90% his physician lives.”

You are the caretaker of the earth suit called your body. Bodies are useful to navigate in this dimension. How we choose to feed it will ultimately determine our health or lack thereof. When we’re healthy, when we have energy…the calendar, our age, is insignificant.

Eat well, Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito, D.D.S. – SUNSHINE DENTISTRY AZ

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