Flu Season: Hand Grenades & Nutrition

Humans live in a microbe filled universe. We are Gulliver in the midst of Lilliputians too tiny to see, invisible, even deadly. Bacteria can multiply like rabbits on steroids. For instance, bugs that cause periodontal disease reproduce every 10 to 12 hours. Which is why therapy aimed at treating gum disease needs to be exercised at least twice a day.

Modern medicine’s treatment paradigm for bacterial infection is based on experiments that demonstrated people inoculated a with disease-causing bacterium would develop the very disease associated with the germ. Inject a healthy person with the tuberculosis bacillus and 80% of the time they got TB. But what about the 20% that didn’t contract the disease? Some doctors figured that 20% merited a closer look. We label these docs as holistic or naturopathic.

With the discovery of antibiotics, penicillin in particular, all-out war could now be waged against these microscopic bugs. The problem was we were throwing antibiotic hand grenades in the middle of the microbial shopping mall. We killed a heap of bad bugs. But not without scads of collateral damage to the healthy microbial population. This healthy microbial population is absolutely essential to human health.

For example, it’s well known that the bacteria Pneumococcus, normally resides peacefully in our lungs. That is, until our immune system becomes compromised, or weakened. Then, this elite fighting force, our immune system, (the bacteria eating, virus destroying, white blood cells), begin to imitate the Keystone cops. Civil bacterial-unrest ensues. Previously happy bacteria in the mouth begins to eat tooth enamel. The normally docile Pneumococcus, sharing space in our lungs, attacks the very tissue in which it resides. We label this attack as pneumonia. Antibiotics will kill the pneumococcus invasion. But viruses are another story. Antibiotics have little or no effect.

The aforementioned naturopathic physicians would instead concentrate on strengthening and reinforcing the immune system. That is, make the white cells stronger and more efficient killers of invaders. What follows is taken from an article written by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock…What to do when antibiotics don’t work. Or how to stimulate cellular immunity…(It’s Flu Season, you know)

1. A well balanced Multivitamin with Natural E

2. Vitamin C: 500-1000 mg every 4 hours

3. Vitamin D3: 5000 units /day

4. 1,3/1,6 Beta Glucan (the BEST cellular immune stimulant): 250 mg (adults) when symptoms appear (chewable tablets available for kids)

Antivirals include…

5. Elderberry (Sambucol)

6. Resveratrol (interferes with viral replication)

7. Curcumin (inhibits an enzyme viruses need to cause infection)

8. Grape seed extract

9. Garlic capsules (Kyolic)

10. Probiotics (restores the beneficial bacteria): while taking antibiotic, take probiotics 2x a day and continue for 1 week after stopping the antibiotic.

11. Hydration…6-8 glasses of WATER a day

12. Eliminate sugar and iron supplements from the diet. Bacteria and viruses need both to thrive. (Which means a Twinkie free diet.)

Feeding our immune system the proper nutrients enables our white cells to squelch any microbial uprisings before they can do their damage. An ancient inscription found on an Egyptian monument reads:”Man lives on 10% of what he eats on the other a 90% his doctor lives.”

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