Flu Pandemic Kills 50 Million…Increase Your Odds of Surviving


In the early 1900s a flu epidemic swept the world. 500 million people, or one third of the world’s population, became infected with the deadly virus. In just a few months 50 million died! In the mid-1300s the black plague swept Europe, killing 25 million, about 50% of Europe’s population. The amazing thing about these staggering numbers is that while 500 million were infected “only” 50 million died. Question: why didn’t all those infected die? Penicillin and other modern antibiotics hadn’t been discovered yet. And if antibiotics had been around, it wouldn’t have mattered because ANTIBIOTICS DON’T KILL VIRUSES. Catching a virus isn’t an automatic death sentence. The human race would’ve been wiped out centuries ago if that were the case. Germs and viruses are all around us. Billions of bacteria, viruses and other nasty beasts live in our bodies. Some are good guys but others are patiently waiting to commit mayhem. Many physicians believe the answer lies in the elegant design of the human organism. We have been blessed with an amazing, defensive immune system. When it’s firing on all cylinders, we have a great chance of surviving even a super virus like Ebola. Here’s the latest research on how to turn your immune system into a virus- killing machine.

1. BETA-1,3/1,6- GLUCAN: Extracted from the cell wall of yeast, is a super immune boosting supplement. The maintenance dose is 250mg taken once a week on an empty stomach along with 1000 mg of buffered vitamin C. If an illness strikes and then 250 mg a day is recommended.

2. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT: Enhances the white blood cells ability to engulf and kill invading organisms. Studies have demonstrated its ability to kill large numbers of viruses, bacteria and fungi. And the bugs don’t develop a resistance to the extract. The dose is 500 mg twice a week for maintenance along with 1000 mg of vitamin C and three times a day to fight active infections. It is especially effective against viruses.

3. VITAMIN D3: Stimulates a group of proteins called antimicrobial peptides. These peptides can inhibit or kill a number of viruses, bacteria, etc. The more vitamin D3 person has in their body the more of these microbe killing peptides one makes. Most people are deficient in vitamin D3. The average person needs around 2000 units a day, and during a viral attack, neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock recommends that amount can be increased to 10 or 20,000 units a day for two or three days only. People with hyperparathyroidism and pregnant women should supplement only under the supervision of their physician. On the other hand, too much vitamin D with blood levels exceeding 100ng/dl can have a negative effect. So blood levels need to be monitored.

4. ACTIVE HEXOSE CORRELATED COMPOUND (AHCC): Developed in Japan, it is backed by more than 80 studies supporting its immune boosting ability at stopping viral replication and destroying virus infected cells. AHCC awakens and enhances the ability of the immune system’s natural killer (NK) cells, our first line of defense.

5. MODIFIED CITRUS PECTIN (MCP): Research studies have shown that it has powerful immunostimulatory properties. MCP has an excellent track record in permanently stopping outbreaks of the viral infection, herpes simplex.

6. ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (SAMBUCOL): Developed in Israel, naturopathic physicians recommend several teaspoons daily of Elderberry extract at the first sign of a respiratory viral infection. Let it coat your mouth and throat and don’t drink anything for 15 or 20 minutes afterward.

7. QUALITY MULTI-VITAMIN with MINERALS and ANTIOXIDANTS. I personally use Dr. David Williams’ formulation “DAILY ADVANTAGE” which consists of a packet of 8 capsules. Just be sure your multivitamin is not synthetic or genetically modified. A single vitamin pill a day won’t do it, unless it’s the size of a golf ball.

8. WATER: Every day, but especially when ill. Drink roughly half your body weight in ounces. This should be at the top of the list because it’s so basic and so incredibly essential to staying well.

The immune system is our very own personal army. Bacteria, viruses and other assorted bad guys are no match for this WELL RESTED, and WELL FED fighting force. Now imagine your elite fighting group, aka immune system is opening their MRE (meals ready to eat) just before embarking on a long campaign. You’ve supplied them with a Hershey bar, Diet Coke, Twinkies and a bag of Cheetos. What do you think their chances would be against a bunch of nasty guys like Ebola? Remember the words of an inscription found on an ancient Egyptian monument: “Man lives on 10% of what he eats, on the other 90% his physician lives”.

If you’re ill, be sure to visit your healthcare provider. And if you are being treated for any chronic disease, again be sure to visit your healthcare provider before taking any of the above supplements. For most healthy people without chronic disease conditions, the recommended antivirals are quite safe. For children under 12 years of age the above dosages should be modified by a qualified healthcare provider.

Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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