Fast Food and Longevity

Has anyone ever seen an overweight centenarian? When it comes to living longer and healthier skinny wins. According to some nutritionists, the best food we can eat has its MOLECULAR STRUCTURE intact. In English, that means food that hasn’t been heated above 105°. So we’re talking about RAW food. According to raw food researchers, the day Prometheus gave mankind fire, the human race began a downward spiral into disease and a shortened life span. Cooking food destroys the life force and enzymes. Cooking alters or destroys vitamins and minerals necessary for health and longevity. Eat as many RAW nuts as you please, and you won’t gain weight. Roast those same nuts, and you’ll pack on the pounds. The simple act of cooking food alters its molecular composition. It becomes UNNATURAL. Our bodies then treat this altered food like a toxic, a foreign substance. Notice how sleepy and tired you feel after eating a large cooked a meal. A simple blood test would show an elevated white cell count. This is usually a signal that the body is fighting off infection. In this case, it’s not infection but stress placed on our digestive tract. The natural enzymes are destroyed by cooking and the food becomes indigestible. To digest the meal, enzymes are mobilized from other parts of the body, causing a partial shutdown in those areas. You feel sleepy, tired, like you were fighting off the flu. These same symptoms do not occur with raw food.

All life is dependent on that thin layer of soil that covers the earth. Without plants, human- kind ceases to exist. Everything we eat originates from the soil. The hamburger you just ate was grazing in a pasture just a few weeks ago. There is growing agreement that as we eat more and more cooked, processed foods, we are becoming sicker and sicker as a nation. There are medical clinics around the world that treat terminally ill patients with a raw food diet. Many of these terminal patients experience amazing recoveries. Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ remarkable book, “Conscious Eating”, is a revelation on the subject and a highly recommended read for those interested in maximizing health and longevity. He recommends a diet consisting of 80% RAW food. His rejuvenation Center, The Tree of Life, located just around the corner in Patagonia, serves fresh picked, organic, world-class raw food in its dining room. People travel there from around the world to regain health from”incurable” conditions. Another recommended read is David Wolfe’s “Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet.” Wolfe gives examples of sick children restored to health within a couple of weeks simply by being placed on a diet of FRESH MADE fruit juice. Fresh made. Not out of a bottle or can!

I myself enjoy the Food Network. I love watching chefs prepare unusual dishes. I’ve come to realize however it’s not so much the food that interests me, it’s the flavor. Commercially grown fruits and vegetables have no flavor. To me, they taste like Styrofoam. Try an organic apple or pear. The taste will amaze you. I started my transition years ago by changing my breakfast routine. I make a smoothie from nuts, seeds, organic fruits, some honey. My first meal of the day is 100% raw. Lunch, most days is a piece of organic fruit and a handful of raw nuts. Now that’s what I call “fast food.” Dinner always includes a raw veggie salad, but being Italian, I’m still 20% addicted to pasta and other ethnic delights.

Read the books. Make some changes. You’ll experience energy you never thought possible and, just maybe, a body that doesn’t “complain” as much.

Stay well, Dr. Bill Ardito – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

March 2012, article published in the Nogales International

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