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Electricity and Morning Sickness

I've just read about a new and exciting discovery, one that can potentially save and enhance your life. What I'm talking about is Oxidized Hydrogen. Hydrogen is the simplest and most plentiful atom in the universe. The Hydrogen we harvest here on earth comes directly from the Star closest to us… the Sun. Hydrogen is the stuff that once separated, releases an enormous amount of energy... witness the hydrogen bomb! So this simple substance contains an enormous store of energy. If we don't get enough of this element in our daily lives. We will cease to function. That is, after a few days we will die. Along with Oxygen, we need Hydrogen to exist.

In our bodies, it’s the very passage of Hydrogen, across cell membranes that is directly responsible for the creation of electricity …. The electricity that keeps us moving like Energizer bunnies. We are ESSENTIALLY ELECTRICAL. This electricity can be measured via the EKG... the EEG... and various other Es… all measures of electricity generated by each cell in our body. What further proof do we need? Our bodies produce enough electricity to move medical measurement devices… to operate the supercomputer called Brain… to power , for decades, the most amazing pump ever conceived... the Heart… the list is endless. So what is this fuel that creates the electricity of life?

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj MD, (whom I shall here after for the sake of brevity refer to as Dr. Batman) delivered in 1989, at the 3rd World Conference on Inflammation, held in Pisa, Italy, landmark research describing the profound consequences caused by a lack of Oxidized Hydrogen on the human body. I've just finished rereading his amazing book entitled…” Your Body's Many Cries for Water” according to Dr. Batman, a deficiency of Oxidized Hydrogen …. commonly known as WATER… is believed to be the root cause of most major degenerative diseases of the human body! And SURPRISE… WATER also provides the Hydrogen that generates the electricity necessary for life. His book is absolutely compelling. He claims that the morning sickness associated with pregnancy is actually a sign of a water shortage, commonly called dehydration. His solution to eliminate the nausea … simply a glass of water upon arising… and several more throughout the day. (Of course I tested his hypotheses on my pregnant daughter when she complained of morning nausea ... after some raised eyebrows, she reported the water therapy a success!). He recommends an average of 8 glasses of water a day... that's 2 quarts in English... along with a quarter teaspoon of sea salt to replace minerals that may be flushed out. Coffee doesn't count, tea doesn't count, (they actually increase water loss) Gator Aid doesn't count… only Water counts.... pure Oxidized Hydrogen. The most interesting part of his research proves that the 1st consequence of dehydration, and long before we feel thirsty, is the release of histamine by the cells. Histamine release, among numerous other physiological changes, can be the source of asthma, sinusitis and allergies. He goes on to implicate dehydration… that is less than 64 ounces of water a day, as a primary cause of hypertension, type II diabetes, constipation, and autoimmune diseases. According to Dr. Batman, non-infectious, recurring or chronic pain should be viewed as an indication of body thirst. He especially claims dyspeptic pain (from gastritis, duodinitis, and heartburn) can be treated with an increase in water intake alone. Not mainstream stuff to be sure. But fascinating nevertheless.

Buy the book. Or go to www.watercure.com for additional information. In no way am I suggesting you discontinue any medication prescribed by your medical provider... but I certainly would recommend taking the time to learn about something so simple… yet so life-changing! I also wouldn't recommend guzzling 2 quarts of water a day without 1st talking to your healthcare provider, or at the very least, carefully reading the book.

I haven't figured out yet what this really means to the practice of dentistry... I guess I just want to” keep my motor running” Stay well…Dr Bill Ardito – Sunshine Dentistry AZ


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Appeared in November 2010 Nogales International

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