Egyptians, Cafeterias and Cheetos

An inscription on an ancient Egyptian monument reads: “Man lives on 10 percent of what he eats…. on the other 90 percent his physician lives.” Wow, and more true than ever before. I’m truly amazed at the sheer number of medications that the majority of my older patients are taking. I’m equally astonished at the amount of adult diseases that I’m seeing in my younger patients. Obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, neurological problems, the list goes on.

One afternoon, years ago, after consuming half a dozen bear claws and a 16 ounce Coke, a light went on in my head. More accurately, the light consisted of a ripping headache and an incredible case of the jitters which lasted hours. Our bodies have amazing recuperative powers. We were designed to heal. But come on, half a dozen bear claws?

Summarizing an article on the toxicity of sugar, a prestigious medical journal wrote “if sugar were discovered today, it would be a controlled substance.” Sugar usage has skyrocketed to over 100 pounds annually for each individual. That’s a staggering 30 teaspoons a day. Forget about tooth decay, we can live without a tooth, but losing a pancreas is quite another story. And as for trans fats (you know, french fries, Cheetos, pastries, the good stuff) Harvard researchers have told us for decades “there is no safe level of trans fats”. Harvard claims that 4g a day of trans fat raises our incidence of coronary artery disease 23%. The FDA allows “NO TRANS FATS” and “FAT FREE” on the label when there’s less than 500 mg per serving. Three potato chips constitute a “serving.” When has anyone eaten only three potato chips? A “low-fat” label means there is less than 3000 mg of fat per serving. What a deal. And the fake fat, Olestra, poisons the absorption of all your fat soluble nutrients. You know, the stuff your body needs to heal.

A most interesting event occurred in Wisconsin. Appleton Central high school removed all sodas from the vending machines replacing them with fresh juice, water, and energy drinks. A local market supplied the cafeteria with fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain bread and entrées free of additives and chemicals. No more fries and pizza . And no more packaged foods with labels that looked like a reproduction of the periodic table. The result? Discipline problems plummeted by 50%. Teachers felt like they were “getting through”. Students became more attentive and more focused. They weren’t as tired and had more energy. Violence was greatly diminished and truancy was reduced. Grades went up. I thought it was an amazing validation of the beneficial effect of clean food.

Dr. Dean Ornish created an immensely successful nutritional program that can reverse end-stage heart disease resistant to everything else that medicine has to offer. Dr. Gabriel Cousens has reversed type I diabetes solely through nutrition. The list of nutritional pioneers is endless.

We are an incredibly toxic generation. A lot of it is because we’ve become so relaxed about what we eat. Yes, the pesticides we so casually spray around the house and the synthetic chemicals placed in our foods don’t help. And how do we avoid the very air we breathe filled with unnatural chemicals? We sleep on mattresses that by law, are mandated to be impregnated with fire resistant chemicals. Our bodies were designed to heal, but not with a Coke and a bag of Cheetos. Sadly, our physicians are so buried in paperwork and forced to see an impossible number of patients each hour, they have no time to go back to the nutritional basics they learned freshman year in medical school. Plus a lot of us would just rather have a pill. Ultimately, we are responsible for how well we make it through this life. Remember you live on 10% of what you eat on the other 90% your physician lives.

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