Eating Sunshine Part- 2

Last month we discussed the incredible value of the hormone, vitamin D3 along with vitamin C in preventing and minimizing infections from viruses, the flu and other nasty bugs.

The human body, more specifically your body, was brilliantly designed with backup parts for its vital systems: two eyes, two ears, two kidneys, two lungs. You also have a built-in virus/bacteria destroying system. When attacked by a virus, your Cellular Intelligence Center goes into full battle mode. First, you send your special killer cells to engage and destroy the invading virus or bacteria. Then, you really turn up the heat. You start a FEVER! Your Killer cells love the heat, it revs them up, but the hostile viruses and bacteria don’t. A few extra degrees really slow them down. Many even die off. The end result: YOU GET BETTER! You get the flu. Your temperature sensors turn up the heat a couple degrees. The virus or other bug is not impressed. You turn up the heat a couple of more degrees. You start to worry. How high do I let this fever go? Relax. A NORMAL brain will not allow a fever due to illness to get high enough to damage itself.

Research consistently shows only temperatures above 108 can cause brain damage. But temperatures this high are very rare and depend on the ambient air temperature. So, for example, a baby left in a hot car is a no-no. However, resist rushing for the aspirin or acetaminophen. In an otherwise healthy child over 3, with no previous history of seizures, a temperature up to 105 degrees is typically okay. However, contacting your pediatrician is advisable. In African children with measles, lowering their temperature resulted in a fivefold increase in mortality compared to children whose fevers were not reduced.

Our next go to immune booster is Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. This extract from yeast stimulates that part of the immune system designed to kill microorganisms including viruses. The adult dose is 500 mg when you know you’ve been exposed or begin to feel sick. If you’re already battling an infection, it will lessen the impact and get you on your feet faster. When you begin to recover cut the dose to 250 mg a day, always taken on an empty stomach. For maintenance I take 100 mg once a week this is a potent herbal. And it should only be used when needed and not eaten like gumdrops.

Glutathione is your body’s major antioxidant. It significantly boosts resistance to viral infections including the influenza virus. The compound N-Acetyl-l Cysteine (NAC) increases glutathione levels in all cells. Studies have shown that 750 mg of NAC once or twice a day leads to a reduction in the number of sick days. Always take NAC with a full meal to avoid severe cramping.

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