Draining the Swamp

How does one evolve from a meat eater to a vegan? Being Italian, salami, pepperoni, manicotti and Parmigiano were my life. In Nogales, salsa, guacamole, tacos and burritos were added to my menu. I even took Flavor Vacations. I would research restaurants along my path, searching for a new food experience. I was an indiscriminate eater; if it smelled right and tasted great, down it went. Salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

These days I’m into into health and nutrition, natural supplements and natural medicine. My evolution started when my dear friend Vince suffered a stroke, trapping him in a body that could barely move. Imagine being trapped in a frozen useless body. Perfect hands and legs disconnected from a damaged brain. Terrifying! Drugs are useless. Avoiding disaster became my goal. I devoured books on why people got what they got, sought out physicians who looked for a better way to stay well and read their newsletters. Since I was living in this body, why shouldn’t I find out how to ”keep the motor running”?

I believe the person you’ll be five years from now is dependent on the books you read and the people you meet. In the early 90s, I met Gabriel Cousins M.D. Dissatisfied with his conventional medical training, which focused on altering the body’s natural biochemical processes, he spent several years in India studying Eastern Medicine. There are two main paradigms in healing. In very simplistic terms, mainstream medicine ALTERS the body’s natural chemistry through the use of synthetic drugs, while natural medicine IMPROVES the body’s natural chemistry.

In Mind Over Meds, Andrew Weil, M.D. states “NO DIFFERENCE EXISTS BETWEEN A DRUG AND POISON EXCEPT DOSE! All drugs become toxic as the dose is increased. Potent drugs may be necessary in cases of critical and severe illnesses, but we now use them for all disease conditions, even those that are not severe.” The more powerful the drug, the more toxic. When my grandkids are watching TV and a drug commercial pops up, they holler “mom, dad, hurry up, the side effects are coming on.”

The swamp analogy is used to explain the difference between the two schools of medicine: mosquitoes infest swamps. The still waters are a perfect environment for the mosquitoes to lay eggs and reproduce. Mainstream medicine would spray the swamp with pesticide (antibiotic). Some mosquitoes would become resistant to the chemical and become even more troublesome. Natural medicine would focus on the swamp itself. Clean up the swamp, get the waters circulating and the mosquitoes will move on.

Louis Pasteur’s germ theory as the cause of infectious disease is the basis for conventional medicine. The cause of disease is not simply a germ (mosquito) , but the general health and resistance of the host (swamp). The Pneumococcus bacteria for example, is a normal inhabitant of our lungs. But we don’t all get pneumonia even though we carry the germ that causes it. Simply put, the state of our immune system (swamp) determines whether we get a full-blown case of pneumonia.

Like most of us, I subjected my body to things I wouldn’t dream of doing now. I paid a price. We all do. But why pay it over and over ? I was determined to “keep my motor running.” I’m careful what food I put into my body. I take an embarrassing amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals and over the years, have managed to eliminate some interesting medical problems. It’s never too late to drain the swamp.

Stay Well, Dr. Bill Ardito – Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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