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Don't Make Christmas an Acid Trip

Christmas is a great time for kids... not to mention a special time also for us grown-up kids too. For many it’s an opportunity to reconnect with our families... to pay special attention to those people in our lives that are closest to us. Even if it's only figuring out what size they wear.

The thought of bringing a little happiness... a gift... a surprise…into someone's life that we do care about, but often are just too busy to acknowledge…Christmas is our one big chance. Husbands try to make up for 364 days of inattentiveness with an extra- special gift... and kids try to suck it up and toe the line, hopefully increasing the odds that Santa will make a strong showing. But it's the kids that I really want to talk about... and being a dentist, of course… I'll segue to teeth.

Recent research has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that CAVITIES ARE CAUSED BY ACID. Let me explain. In 2007 a study conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, analyzed the acid concentration (commonly referred to as pH) of common everyday beverages. Carbonated sodas such as Coke and Pepsi, Sprite, etc. all have a pH between 3.3 and 2.4. Even Gatorade has a pH of 2.9. (Remember of the lower the number, the stronger the acid). FACT: TOOTH ENAMEL DISSOLVES AT A pH of 4. So, a steady diet of these highly concentrated acids will EAT AWAY ENAMEL despite your frequent brushing! So, despite a century of dentists, badgering us to brush more often…THE TRICK REALLY IS TO NEUTRALIZE THE ACID IN THE MOUTH.

Children under 3 years of age are a special problem: We don’t want to use toothpaste containing fluoride and other chemicals… because they wind up eating most of it. And that can be toxic! A dental company has recently developed a product designed for the little ones called …CARI FREE. It's an ALKALINE TOOTHPASTE containing XYLITOL ... a natural sugar that essentially kills cavity forming bacteria. Studies have proven that the acid neutralizing effects of the ALKALINE component…plus the XYLITOL is a double whammy on cavities. Plus if the little ones eat this stuff it won't affect their blood sugar levels, and isn't toxic! For more information go to… www.carifree.com …or order from our office (761-1600). Other items that can help prevent decay are Xylitol-based chewing gums. One of the brands I especially like is called Ice Cubes. It contains 1 gm of Xylitol in each piece and can be found at most grocery stores. Chewing a few pieces throughout the day has also been shown to greatly reduce tooth decay as well as stimulate saliva flow which can be a help to older folks.

Mothers often ask me that question:”Are baby teeth important…after all they're going to fall out anyway?” Yes, they will fall out…but only when the proper time comes for the permanent tooth to replace them. They shouldn't be allowed to ROT OUT! Premature loss of these baby teeth can affect facial growth and create orthodontic problems along with a host of other complications. And just so we Older Kids won't feel left out…there’s a CariFree for adults too. Many prescription medications cause dry mouth. This loss of saliva leaves our teeth without saliva's protective coating. So in some older folks, rampant tooth decay can be as much or more of a problem than it is in children. While there aren't any long term studies on this product, I like the logic behind this simple approach to putting a damper on tooth decay.

What a downer! I feel like the Grinch that stole Christmas...no sugar...no soda... what's a person to do? From all our staff… have a Joy-Filled- Peaceful Christmas …and meanwhile…Stay well,

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Appeared in December 2010 Nogales International

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