Diet Coke and Formaldahyde

It’s a well-known fact that the acidity of colas, along with their high sugar content, will dissolve tooth enamel and cause cavities. Regular colas are bad enough, but the diet colas are downright scary. And their health implications go way beyond teeth! The synthetic sugar, Aspartame, is commonly found in diet beverages. It’s packaged as NutraSweet and Equal. As far back as 1985, it was known that Aspartame caused brain tumors. FDA scientists testified to this fact before Congress. Their evidence is now part of the Congressional record. The problem arises when our bodies, at the end of a long metabolic process…metabolize (convert) Aspartame into formaldehyde…you know the stuff morticians use to embalm corpses. It’s the formaldehyde that’s ultimately responsible for the brain tumors, seizures, atrial-fibrillation, arthritis and 92 other reported side effects. So it’s not really a sugar problem…it’s more of a formaldehyde problem.

Cholesterol Is Not A Disease

One of the livers many jobs is the production of cholesterol. Our brains are mostly cholesterol which is absolutely necessary for the healing and regeneration of brain tissue. Cholesterol is necessary to make our stress hormones, our sex hormones and brain neurotransmitters. But sometimes it gets out of whack and physicians want to lower it. The cholesterol-busting drugs, “Statins”, such as Lipitor, Zocor, Crestore, and 7 or 8 others, not only interrupt the liver’s production of cholesterol, but as a side effect also lower the production of Ubiquinone which is an enzyme and major antioxidant also known as Coenzyme Q 10 or Co Q10. In a 1993 article published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Jameson used low CoQ10 levels as a predictor of death within 6 months. What to do? Give your body additional CoQ10. It’s available in capsules and sub-lingual tablets. Low levels of CoQ10 are also found in cases of periodontal disease. I often recommend supplementation to encourage healing.

The Tooth Heart Connection

In the 1999 Journal of Periodontology, Haraszthy identified periodontal pathogens (mouth bugs) in coronary artery plaque. Dorn, in the Journal of Infection and Immunology proved the existence of these very same pathogens in the cells of our coronary arteries. In English, that’s mouth bugs in our hearts. Another study shows the heart attack rate to be 2 ½ times higher in people with gum disease. I really don’t find this very surprising at all since our mouth is in the center of our head. And, last I looked, our head… in most of us anyway… is hooked on to the top of our bodies. Therefore, keeping the opening to the inside of our bodies, (i.e. our mouth) healthy should be more important – to more of us. Research has shown that the average individual, in order to maintain excellent periodontal health, should have their teeth cleaned professionally every 4 months.

A Healthy Idea

Why not make ONE meal a day, a Super Healthy experience. Instead of the usual, let’s blend some RAW SUNFLOWER SEEDS, RAW ALMONDS, FROZEN BLUEBERRIES, BANANA, HONEY AND SOME RICE MILK OR FAVORITE FRESH JUICE, ALONG WITH ¼ TSP SEA SALT. Make this one small adjustment to our eating habits and we’ve cleaned up 33% of our food intake. Not a bad start! I like it because it’s fast…it’s nutritious…it’s healing…and it generates energy.

Just Suppose…

In his wonderful book, The Antioxidant Miracle, Dr. Packer, director of the Packer lab at UC Berkeley and a member of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, summarizes over 40 years of research in the field of free radicals and antioxidants. The book opens with, ”Suppose that I told you there was a pill that would keep your heart strong, your mind sharp, and your body useful well into your 70s, 80s, 90s, and even beyond? Suppose that I told you there was a pill that could extend your life and improve your sex life? Suppose I told you there was a pill that could prevent cancer? How about a pill that could keep your skin supple and wrinkle-free?” These pills exist! They are CoQ10, Vitamin C, Alpha-lipoic Acid and Vitamin E (natural form) and when taken together they network in our bodies with amazing powers that slow aging and fight disease…Just Suppose! Stay well,

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Appeared in October 2010 Nogales International

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