Cheetos and Other Garbage


I’m a dentist…7 ½ hours a day, 3 days a week and 133 days a year…I repair teeth and gums and talk to my patients about how to stay healthy…and life. I like what I do. I have an unbelievably competent staff, 7 “colleagues” whom I look forward to seeing every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

My hobby, however, is health…the best definition I think goes something like this: Health is the state of body and mind in which the body is not consciously present to its owner. But as the years went by, I could feel more parts of my body every day. Some parts more than others. I am a believer, however, that the place we’ll be 5 years from now depends pretty much on the people we meet and the books we read. I was fortunate that in 1993 I met a physician in Patagonia, where my wife and I were living, named Gabriel Cousens. After Columbia medical school Gabriel spent several years in India studying Ayurvedic Medicine. Simply put, he explained that most Eastern medicine is interested in strengthening and cleansing all of the major body systems and organs… believing if the body is strong and clean internally…disease can’t get a toe hold. I know that’s pretty simple, but it’s the general idea. I’m a pretty basic guy. I don’t believe God designed us to be sick. I don’t believe He gave us an immune system as a gag. I’m constantly amazed at what we do to kill ourselves.

Years earlier at New York University, my physiology professor started the semester my freshman year by saying…“The G.I. tract is merely an appendage of the oral cavity”…. I liked what he said…. It made dentistry a little more glamorous, a little less Rodney Dangerfield. Our mouth is in the center of our head, arguably the most vital part of our body, and the doorway into the center of our bodies. Gabriel talked a lot about the things that we should eat to keep our bodies healthy. He’s written several books on the subject. My favorite, and a classic I think, is”Conscious Eating”… (I keep a copy in my office reception area.) The chapter on enzymes alone changed my way of thinking about food, and the major role it plays in our health.

To me, food was spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, enchiladas, anything chocolate, and Cheetos. I mean, all in all not bad. But as I learned about sugar… that according to the New England Journal of Medicine, “should be a controlled substance”… that Cheetos are almost all synthetic chemicals that essentially act like poisons, and that a lot of fat in my diet was causing inflammation which is the source of many diseases… I began to change my thinking about what I was eating. So, like I said before, the place I got to 5 years later was because of the books I read, and the people I met. And now 17 years later…well you get the idea. Take time to learn about the simple things you can do to help you heal and stay healthy…and not be conscious of your body. Stay well…Dr. Bill Ardito.

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June 2010, article published in the Nogales International

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