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In a previous article on the subject of what not to eat, I listed things like MSG and sugar which should be avoided if we wanted to avoid disease. Let’s take this one step further. Instead of discussing what not to eat I’d like to talk about not eating at all, that is, the incredible…

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The best part of being a dentist is putting a tooth together that resembles the aftermath of Hiroshima. Going “by the book” involves crowning the tooth; placing an artificial cap over the entire tooth after first removing the decayed areas, then grinding off whatever healthy enamel remains. A rather aggressive approach. When asked why I…

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In its purest sense, life is only a game. The ending is always the same…and everybody gets a turn. The game clock differs wildly for each of us. No rehearsals allowed. No mulligans. One take and that’s it. Many of us get battered and bruised along the way. After a few stumbles, wiser players learn…

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Eating Sunshine Part- 1

When UV rays from the sun hit our skin, something miraculous occurs. The sunlight activates chemicals in our skin to produce a very powerful hormone called Vitamin D3. How important is this vitamin/hormone? The 2008 Annals of Oncology reported that women with the lowest level of vitamin D were at a 222% increased risk for…

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Eating Sunshine Part- 2

Last month we discussed the incredible value of the hormone, vitamin D3 along with vitamin C in preventing and minimizing infections from viruses, the flu and other nasty bugs. The human body, more specifically your body, was brilliantly designed with backup parts for its vital systems: two eyes, two ears, two kidneys, two lungs. You…

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Good News and Bad News

First the good news: Each month I read several newsletters on nutrition and natural health. This month’s neurological journal describes research at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia concerning a promising treatment for Parkinson’s. While somewhat effective in the short term, drugs don’t necessarily protect or repair the damaged neurons that produce dopamine which seems to…

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Max’s Menu

Max, a brilliant scientist, once, a long time ago designed and constructed the first human prototype. Let’s call him “Dave”. Max is extremely proficient in creating life out of nothing. As time goes by however, Dave starts to slow down and needs some repairs, Max knows what Dave needs. He carefully instructs him to only…

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Parkinson’s, Vitamins and Government

For years I believed the American healthcare system was the best in the world. I don’t anymore. The efficiency of our healthcare system ranks 46th out of the top 48 countries, yet we spend 18% of our gross national product, more than any other nation on the planet, trying to make ourselves well. Our life…

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Shutting off stomach acid…what could go wrong?

Patients often request “Don’t set the chair back too far Doc, I have reflux.” Millions of people suffer from dyspepsia. It’s a catchall phrase describing heartburn, gas, indigestion, abdominal pain, bloating, belching, and reflux. Absent an ulcer, patients are most often prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to reduce or eliminate stomach acid production. To someone…

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Loving Dental Implants

What is a dental implant? The first titanium dental implant was born in 1965 when Branemark, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon, discovered that bone would effectively adhere to a titanium screw. He called this process osseointegration. The FDA approved them in 1982 for US use. Most everyone knows of someone who’s had a hip or knee…

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