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Hiring Dental Hygienist Nogales AZ USA

Cheerful & Professional Dental Hygienist Wanted

We are seeking a cheerful and highly professional Dental Hygienist for our modern, thriving dental practice. The position is 2 days a week, possibly growing to 3. Our practice is located in Nogales, Arizona. (to be clear, our practice is located in the USA, we are not located in Sonora, Mexico.)

Please send resumes to No phone calls please.

Thank you for your interest in our position!

Staff Testimonial

I recently thanked Dr. Ardito for hiring me, which took him by surprise. He was curious why I would make that statement. I guess it is hard for a boss (dentist) to know what life is like at another office. They have no frame of reference.

Working with Dr. Ardito has allowed me to develop another side of my skills. I always knew I was technically a good hygienist. I was taught well and continued to hone my skills with time and experience. Unfortunately, at most offices, we were allowed a set amount of time for each patient. This did not always take into consideration the actual time that patient really needed. Some mouths take longer to clean than others. Some patients need to be handled more delicately than others. I often did not have enough time scheduled to give my patients what they really needed.

Here, we customize the time for each patient according to their needs. Dr. Ardito takes the time to really know his patients. I have seen him work his magic; transforming the most fearful, phobic patients into relaxed patients who trust him implicitly not to hurt or scare them.

Patients can be equally fearful of the hygienist, especially if it has been many years since their last cleaning. This was where I had unknowingly failed them in the past. Many times I only had enough time in the schedule to get the job done and teach them how to stay healthy.

Now, working with Dr. Ardito, I have found the hygienist I always wanted to be. I have taken on more complicated procedures and continue to improve my skills. The biggest change, however, has been discovering how compassion, kindness, patience and taking the necessary time needed, can transform a terrified patient into a confident one. This is by far the best reward for working here. For that, I am forever in his debt.

Cindy D.

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