Bermuda Triangle, Anacondas and Enzymes

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, some Holiday observations are in order. Surfing the web recently, I came across an interesting word picture: Imagine the population of the world reduced proportionately to a village of 100 people. Eighty folks in the village would live in poverty. Seventy wouldn’t be able to read or write. Half of the village would be suffering from hunger and malnutrition. In this downsized world, there would be 1 computer, and 1 person would have a university degree. So, unless you’re close to death from starvation, you’re better off than 500 million people on the planet. In times past, and using the holiday as an excuse, I would eat until I became “comatose”. It just seemed like the patriotic thing to do. Plus you never know when a famine is going to hit. With all the global warming or cooling or whatever that’s going around, it’s just more practical to be fed up. At the office, we take the day off before Thanksgiving, as well as the day after. Preparing, Celebrating, and, hopefully, Recovering, in that order. The guys watch football games (with eyes rolled back in their heads). And in the blink of an eye, two days of dinner preparation are swallowed up. And like the anaconda swallowing a gazelle…. digested throughout the following week.

And so a bit of first-hand advice from an ex-glutton: your stomach is not a wood chipper. If you’re going to do the gazelle-thing Thanksgiving Day, or any day for that matter, then chew, chew, and chew the food. Anacondas have no molar teeth, you do….use them! If you have no teeth, call the office. We have teeth. After using your teeth, the next move is to take some plant-based digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are powerful, natural substances that facilitate all biochemical reactions in our bodies. Our brains, hearts, muscles, eyes, lungs, you name it slowly wither away without their enzymes. Digestive enzymes liquefy the gazelle. Once the gazelle is in the solution, so to speak, digested actually, only then can he be piped to various parts of the body needing a boost of nourishment. Studies show the preservation of enzymes is the secret to health. And here’s the interesting part. We have a limited supply of enzymes. And they decrease over time. An 80-year-old has 60% less enzymes than a 10 year old. This lack of enzymes is thought by many to be the cause of many diseases such as cancer, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Injuries and diseases have been successfully treated with large doses of enzymes.

Enzymes are a fascinating subject and give great insight into the nucleus of health and longevity. The only way to replace our diminishing enzymes is by taking supplements, or by eating raw food. Heating food above 118° will destroy most life giving enzymes. The gazelle digests much more readily, uncooked. Of course, I’m being facetious, but you get the idea. Veggies, fruits and nuts would be a more practical choice. Raw is more easily digested, because Raw supplies its own undamaged enzymes for the task. When animals become ill, they stop eating. When we’re ill, we have no appetite either. The body slows down to fight the illness. And it’s also why, after you eat large quantities of cooked food, you feel ill. Enzymes from every part of your body, your brain, your heart, etc. are mobilized, and rushed to the disaster area in your stomach. Your vital enzyme depleted organs are now operating with reduced energy or life force. And you feel it.

We give gifts at Christmas, get indigestion at Thanksgiving and come New Year’s Day we resolve to do it differently next time. As a practicing Italian, I’ve sat at the Thanksgiving table for hours with enough food in front of me to feed Yemen. Yet it’s probably my favorite holiday. No gift shopping involved. That anguish comes later. It’s just a day when family and friends get together to share food and drink, and one another. As we sail merrily into the Bermuda Triangle of the holiday season, a final thought from an inscription found in an ancient Egyptian pyramid: “MAN LIVES ON ONE-QUARTER OF WHAT HE EATS, ON THE OTHER THREE-QUARTERS HIS DOCTOR LIVES.” Stay well …Dr. Bill Ardito, Sunshine Dentistry AZ

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